Lottery wins: no flipping fun at all

Apparently the much-derided McJob is now so much fun that even millionaires want to do it...

Last Updated: 06 Nov 2012

Luke Pittard, who quit his £5.85-an-hour job at McDonalds after winning £1.3m on the National Lottery, has just gone back to his old Cardiff branch as a staff trainer – purely because he missed it so much. He’s spent 18 months living the life of Riley – with a brand new house, a lavish wedding, and a holiday in the Canary Islands – but has apparently decided that spending the day in front of Jeremy Kyle is not a patch on making several hundred Big Macs.

‘They all think I'm a bit mad but I tell them there's more to life than money,’ said Pittard (although that’s easy for him to say, with a seven-figure bank balance). ‘I loved working at McDonald's before I became a millionaire and I'm really enjoying being back there again. To be honest, there's only so much relaxing you can do.’ Perhaps Britain’s working class isn’t quite as work-shy as some tabloid columnists would have us believe.

It’s also a further boost to McDonalds’ long-running campaign to have the term ‘McJob’ excised from the dictionary. Now it’s an award-winning employer, with more enlightened policies than you could shake a McChicken Sandwich at, McDonalds thinks it’s completely unfair for it to be associated with a term that’s become a byword for the worst kind of menial, thankless, minimum-wage position. And it probably has a fair point. Clearly Luke Pittard thinks so, at any rate.
You could probably make a sound financial argument for Luke returning to work. After all, £1.3m doesn’t get you as far as it once did – and with property prices and stock markets plunging, fast food is a pretty recession-proof business (given his bank balance, he could even get his hands on a lucrative franchise one day).

But for the time being, the fact remains that he earns more money from the interest on his savings than he does from the job. So there’s no reason to doubt his claim that he’s gone back to work purely because he loved his job – strange though it may seem.

Stranger still, his new wife is apparently so understanding that she’s agreed to delay their honeymoon until the end of the season so he doesn’t have to miss any of the football season. This story is getting more improbable by the minute...

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