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M&S shares tumble after delivery delays

Some customers have been left waiting weeks for their Christmas orders after Black Friday backlog.

by Jack Torrance
Last Updated: 08 Dec 2014

If there’s one thing retailers need to get right in the run up to Christmas, it’s delivery. Now used to the intoxicating speed of Amazon Prime and click and collect, today’s customers don’t like to be kept waiting – especially for their festive food shop.

Unfortunately, online customers of M&S face a nerve-wracking run up to December 25th as it emerged last night that Britain’s most iconic retailer is struggling to deal with a backlog of orders caused by Black Friday.

Some customers have been kept waiting for as long as two weeks, so-called next day deliveries have been taking as long as two or three days and the retailer has totally withdrawn next day delivery for collection in-store.

Predictably customers took to the store's Facebook page to air their beef. ‘M&S FAIL - ordered Xmas presents on 21st Nov, still not arrived,’ said one.

‘I appreciate that you were busy last week with Black Friday, but in this day and age of real time stock inventories if the goods were out of stock then either don't take the order if you can't fulfil it, or be realistic on when it can be delivered,’ said another.

The retailer’s shares were down more than 3% to 480p this morning, which might seem a little rash, but then the impact this news could have on sales in the crucial Christmas period could be severe. The timing is particularly unfortunate given that today is expected to be the biggest day for online shopping so far this year.

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‘Our customer is always our top priority and that is why we’ve extended some of our delivery options,’ a spokesperson said. ‘The vast majority of orders are delivered on time. If we do miss a delivery date, we will do all we can to rectify it for the customer.’

It looks like M&S will need more than a couple of inefficient fairies to make sure everyone gets what they ordered in time for Christmas.


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