How he made his pile: Bono, Musician

Who is he? The man behind the sunglasses photographed with everyone from the Pope to Kylie. Once a mere rock star, the U2 lead singer now roams the planet persuading leaders to cancel third-world debt. He's worth about £118m.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

How did he make his millions? In 1976, he answered an ad by Dublin schoolmate Larry Mullens Jr and U2 was born. It has been touring ever since, raking in an estimated £97m a year on tickets and merchandising. The U2 boys have just moved their major assets to Amsterdam, neatly sidestepping high Irish taxes. They're currently building the 120-metre U2 Tower in Dublin's docklands. Cost: £139m. Bono is also the managing director of private-equity firm Elevation Partners, and he's co-owner of the Clarence, a chi-chi Dublin hotel, with bandmate The Edge.

The secret of his success? Bono is cannier than the average pop star, and no stranger to self-promotion. He also possesses seemingly endless energy - those Bono fingers are in a lot of pies, yet he still appears saintly and untainted by Mammon.


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