How He made His pile: Tony Blair - Statesman at large

Who is he? The 54-year-old former prime minister is an adviser to the UN, US, Russia and UK on the Middle East peace process, and friend to big business and luxury car brands. A year's earnings can top £10m.

Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

How did he make his millions? His premiership began in 1997, earning him £180k a year. The Hay Group ranked him Europe's worst-paid leader, given the scale of his job. Since he quit last year, his earnings have soared. He is an adviser to JP Morgan (£2.5m p.a.) and Zurich Group (£2m p.), and scored a £4.6m advance for his memoirs. Then there's an estimated £1m annually from speaking engagements, £900k office costs (taxpayer-funded) and the £64k pension. The mortgage on that £3.5m Connaught Square townhouse suddenly seems like peanuts.

The secret of his success? His time as world statesman has given him an invaluable contacts book - hence the consultancy contracts, and the pre-release XF sportscar from Jaguar. There are rumours that his wife Cherie will be driving the car as well as the marriage.

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