Making the impossible happen, with YouTube

Inspired by last night's Hudson river 'miracle', here's Muhammad Ali, Star Wars and the Coen Brothers.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Be prepared. Often the impossible is merely improbable. Which means it's perfectly possible. When Muhammad Ali fought the brutal young George Foreman in Zaire in 1974, no one gave him a chance. But the wily old fighter had worked out a tactic - the only way to win would be to let his burly opponent wear himself out. The odds may be stacked against you in business, but take the punishment, pick your moment and strike. It worked for Ali, who took back his title in stunning fashion.

Believe in your team. You can't do everything yourself, and difficult tasks demand you trust others to do their bit. Here Star Wars' rebel forces launch their attack on the half-built Death Star, only to fly into a trap. The calls for retreat set in when they realise the shields are still up, but pilot Lando knows that his mate Han is elsewhere working on that. We all know how the film ends, but the little guys would have got nowhere without that trust.

Trust that something always comes up. In O Brother Where Art Thou, George Clooney and his fellow escaped convicts think they're about to find some treasure, and instead find nooses and three graves being dug. In business too, it often looks like the end of the road, then a miracle arrives to wash it all away. While his pals think God has answered their prayers, Clooney argues the rational case. Doesn't matter how it happened - they're just happy it did.

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Making the impossible happen, with YouTube

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