Making their mark: 35 Women Under 35 2015

EDITOR'S BLOG: Nearly a third of the women on our 35 Under 35 list are immigrants to the UK - one in the eye for Little Englanders.

by Matthew Gwyther
Last Updated: 26 Feb 2016

Our July/August magazine issue is traditionally MT's women's special with the announcement of our 35 Women Under 35 list (it's the 15th anniversary too). Well done to this year's winners. Over the past seven months we've also held three terrific Inspiring Women conferences: one in London, Edinburgh and Birmingham. Never let it be said we're not behind diversity. One thing that is, yet again, very pleasing is the fact that nearly a third of the women on the list are immigrants to the UK. Another one in the eye for the Little Englanders who would pull up the drawbridge and hold our economy back.

After years of reality TV crews trailing around after easyJet staff at Luton Airport, MT finally gets a look in. It was touch and go whether we were going to be allowed to tail the company CEO Carolyn McCall. EasyJet's comms director is dead against the creation of a cult of personality around his boss. But as there are only five female FTSE 100 CEOs everyone wants a piece of the McCall action. His worst nightmare is a repeat of the extraordinary Times Magazine piece from last year where Harriet Green, the then Thomas Cook CEO, did the photo session in a leotard. She then hastily departed soon afterwards. This is MT, so no leotard. Just 11 long, hard hours in Hangar 89 keeping the staff happy, making the Airbuses run on time, chasing the orange tail. Glam it isn't.

I'd happily never set foot in a Sainsbury's again. Or any other supermarket for that matter. (I live in dread of Ocado's bluff being called by the City.) It's unfortunate but I think Mike Coupe has a near-impossible task getting what used to be the UK bourgeoisie's favourite grocer off the back foot.

Finally due to an oversight - somebody chose to chuck them in a skip - we have managed to mislay all our back copies of MT between 2006 and 2013. Anyone out there who can help us put the boxed set back together will qualify for a free subscription. Not to mention my undying gratitude. Tweet me @MatthewGwyther or email me at if you have any back issues to spare.

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