The man behind the Cronut just unveiled his latest innovation: Ice cream sundaes in a can

Dominique Ansel gained international renown with the Cronut, now he's about to launch his latest foodie invention.

by Emma Haslett
Last Updated: 12 Nov 2015

When Dominique Ansel launched the Cronut - which as all foodies know is half croissant, half doughnut - it caused international hysteria, with queues forming around the block at his New York bakery on a daily basis. It even caused mass copyright infringement (like any savvy inventor, he trademarked the name and kept the recipe a closely-guarded secret), with copycats trying ideas like the 'Doissant'.

Now Ansel might be onto a new confectionary craze: the 'Pop It!', an ice cream sundae in a can. The dessert will only be available for one day, from an ice cream truck in East Hampton, New York. At $15 per can, they're not cheap - but 20% of profits will go to a local charity.

That price probably won't prevent his legions of sugar-addicted fans from queueing around the block to get their hands on one of the desserts, which was created in association with designer Lisa Perry.

According to Ansel, the big challenge with a sundae in a can was finding materials that have different textures at a low temperature.

'A regular sundae has a mix of textures because you're assembling it to order, so some elements are frozen and some are not. But when you build a sundae in a can, the trick is to think of things that, when frozen, maintain a distinctly different texture,' he told the New York Post.

The result is layers of root beer and stracciatella ice cream, mascarpone, semifreddo, macerated cherries, honey marshmallows, cherry meringue and chocolate. Which sounds like it's totally worth the expense of a flight to New York....


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