Manage during a downturn, with YouTube

How to lead when things turn hairy, with Glengarry Glen Ross, Wall Street and Office Space....

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Times are tough, sales are down, jobs are on the line - sound familiar? The question is: how do you ensure the business continues to perform, while maintaining staff morale? Here, Glengarry Glen Ross' big shot Blake descends on his lesser colleagues to deliver a (de)motivational speech. How not to do it.

Wondering how we got to where we are now? Here, Wall Street's Bud Fox, worried about his father's financial outlook, is educated by his boss and mentor in the ways and wiles of high-altitude finance. When your staff need reassurance, give them a boost, not a smug lecture. Greedy, egotistical, insulated from reality... how could it all have gone so wrong? 

Some businesses face restructuring in a downturn, cutting costs and letting staff go. A good boss knows how to sort the wheat from the chaff: lightness of touch is all. Here, Office Space's Bill Lumbergh demonstrates his lack of it when he checks up on employee, Peter. Remember, staff perform best when you're not giving them the creeps.

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