Management Today’s Leadership Lessons podcast is now weekly

Latest episode covers existential threats, leaders' 2024 priorities and fake CEOs.

by Kate Magee
Last Updated: 18 Jan 2024
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Management Today has increased the frequency of its Leadership Lessons podcast. Episodes will now be available every Thursday. It was previously published fortnightly.

The podcast was launched a year ago to entertain, educate and inspire people to be better leaders. Through interviews with high-profile CEOs, academics and book authors, it delves into the world of leadership and management, bringing insights, trends and advice to the ears of busy senior executives.

The most popular episodes include “How to lead a failing business” - in which the former CEO of Eve Sleep Cheryl Calverley gives a frank account of how she steered the business through its eight-month decline and the lessons she learnt along the way.

Another hit was “How to work with difficult people”, where Harvard Business Review’s contributing editor Amy Gallo discusses her book “Getting Along, How To Work With Anyone (Even Difficult People)”. She identifies eight types of difficult people, including the passive-aggressive peer and the know-it-all, and offers practical strategies for dealing with each.

Listeners also particularly enjoyed “How to get the most out of your people”, in which André Lacroix, CEO of the FTSE 100 company Intertek, argues the UK productivity slump is being fuelled by bad management and offers advice on how leaders can get the most out of their employees.

In this week’s episode, MT’s editorial team discusses CEOs' priorities for 2024, the strange tale of the chief executive who never was, and why Big Tech is trying to scare us with existential threats.

The podcast is available on our website, Apple, Spotify and wherever you get your podcasts.