Managing Closed-loop Supply Chains

'Managing Closed-loop Supply Chains' takes managers, academics, functional specialists and graduate students into the realm of smart management of these chains. How to get profitable recovery of value from items no longer used or desired by their user, be they products, functional components, materails or packaging. Editors, Van Wassenhove, van Nunen and Flapper compile this second in the book series resulting from the European Union sponsored REVLOG project.

by Luk Van Wassenhove, Jo Nunen,Simme Flapper
Last Updated: 23 Jul 2013

The increasing number of returns of products and the items used for their distribution has become an important topic for many companies all over the world, due to increasing competition and environmental legislation.

Closed-Loop Supply Chains (CLSC) may offer companies a unique opportunity to improve their profits, on the one hand, and to serve societal responsibility, on the other hand. The management of CLSC differs in a number of ways from managing supply chains in general.

The book gives insight in these differences and how these differences may be dealt with in practice, by offering a concrete framework, introducing the different aspects related to CLSC (technical, organizational, planning and control, information, environmental and business economics) and their mutual relations, in a systematic logical way, as well as cases clustered according to the inputs for a CLSC, like commercial returns, end-of-life returns, where, for each case, attention is paid to all the above mentioned aspects.

The framework, and especially the cases from successful companies, offer the reader invaluable help to build up and improve CLSC.

Springer, 2005

Luk Van Wassenhove, Jo Nunen,Simme Flapper recommends

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