Masterclass: Communicating in a crisis

In this video, Moneypenny CEO Joanna Swash and Hill+Knowlton Strategies UK CEO Simon Whitehead discuss vulnerability, listening and their verdict on the government's performance.

by Management Today
Last Updated: 28 May 2020

When a crisis hits, your people and your clients will naturally look to you for answers. The trouble is, the COVID-19 pandemic has created such uncertainty that most leaders just don't have those answers.

At the same time, the usual channels of face-to-face communication aren't available for so many of us. So how do we get this right?

The answer, as Moneypenny CEO Joanna Swash and Hill+Knowlton UK CEO Simon Whitehead explain to Management Today's Kate Bassett in this video, is to start with listening and putting out the messages that people need to hear, rather than the ones you want to deliver.

Main image credit: George Wood/Getty Images

Headshots courtesy of Moneypenny, Hill+Knowlton Strategies


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