Mastering Business in Asia - Entrepreneurship

Some of today's entrepreneurs may well become tomorrow's family business giants - and nowhere more so than in Asia, where the entrepreneurial family tradition has been alive and well for centuries. This book from Asian business expert Chris Boulton and INSEAD Affiliate Professor Patrick Turner speaks to and about this particular group: the entrepreneur. Packed with useful big-picture and in-detail information, surveys, cases and discussions, Mastering Business in Asia tells it all. The 'everything' of starting up a business in Asia and keeping it going and growing...

by Chris Boulton,Patrick Turner
Last Updated: 23 Jul 2013

Whether a budding entrepreneur, an established businessperson or a professional on the way to retirement, 'Mastering Business in Asia - Entrepreneurship' has something for you. This is the 'how to at least have a look at it all' book; easy to read and sensibly divided into bite-size chapters allowing gradual digestion, but real understanding.

Asian business expert and consultant Chris Boulton and INSEAD Singapore campus Affiliate Professor Patrick Turner have certainly done their homework-resulting in a wide-ranging, well-researched work that will find its use on many a professional or academic bookshelf.

Even the book's line up and subjects covered were chosen collaboratively, drawing on Boulton and Turner's vast experience and wide network, further supported by an online survey of Asian entrepreneurs. This was then honed down to 10 themes under three main sections, which more than speak for themselves: The Entrepreneur and Cash; Growing Pains; and Themes of Maturity.

The book abounds with actual case studies, useful statistics and tried and tested methodologies, taking scenarios and business practice from Asia-Pacific countries as diverse as Cambodia and Australia, as well as recent industrial growth stars China and India. Asian entrepreneurship and the particularities of family business the 'Asian' way are realistically brought to life on every page-from securing start-up or expansion funds, regulatory issues, dealing with governments, going international to handling issues of succession.

Get a copy of this book and share in the entrepreneurship buzz surrounding the Asia region today, to better understand how to play the entrepreneurship game the 'Asian' ways, as each of these dynamic and diverse countries' culture and custom colour its individual entrepreneurial spirit and the Asia region's economic growth.

<em>Mastering Business in Asia-Entrepreneurship is part of the Mastering Business in Asia book series from John Wiley & Sons publishers.</em>

John Wiley & Sons, 2005

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