MCA Management Awards 2007: Operational performance

Winner, and Best Private Sector Project award winner: WCI Consulting with Eurosilicone

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Eurosilicone may have been viewed as a leader in plastic surgery technology and surgical practice marketing, but its manufacturing was a mess. The wake-up call came recently when the French company was bought by US firm MediCor, one of the world's biggest manufacturers of breast implants. With the global market growing at a rate of 20% a year, MediCor is pursuing rapid organic growth and expects its subsidiary to deliver increasing sales volumes and better service levels.

However, Eurosilicone's operation had no method for determining or maintaining appropriate stock levels. With no mid-term planning, production matched capacity to demand only when customer service failures showed an imbalance. Quality reject levels, too, were out of control.

MediCor called in WCI Consulting, which began a nine-month programme at Eurosilicone's HQ in Apt en Provence to implement lean manufacturing and effective planning processes. WCI designed a sales and operations planning process and built forecasting and capacity management models. It facilitated planning meetings until staff had the skills to run their own.

By analysing average variability and volume of demand for each product and sub-assembly, WCI determined a range of optimal replenishment techniques. It then built a simple electronic kanban planning system in Microsoft Access and linked it with Eurosilicone's Sage sales-order processing system to set stock levels and manage the daily replenishment process.

Manufacturing was redesigned according to lean principles, and a production and quality- control system put in place. Bar-coded production order cards link this system with planning and sales order processing - no more errors due to dodgy handwriting. Finally, a process for measuring and monitoring performance overall was developed.

Completed in July 2006, the programme has transformed Eurosilicone from 'a small company into a world-class manufacturing company', reckons Patrick O'Leary, president directeur general at Eurosilicone. The proof lies in capacity improvements of 100%, yield improvements of 40%, reductions in back-orders of 66% and reductions in lead time of 20%. Says O'Leary: 'Every facet of manufacturing has improved.'


Consultancy: Bourton Group

Client: Defence Aviation Repair Agency

The Defence Aviation Repair Agency (DARA) won an extended contract for the maintenance, repair and overhaul of the RAF's fleet of VC10s. Bourton Group helped it transform the maintenance facility into a lean enterprise, slashing lead times by 20%, service hours by 33% and project set-up times by 50%.

Consultancy: BT Global Professional Services

Client: HBOS

At HBOS, the bank's technology division challenged BT to help it cut the number of major IT incidents by 50%. Working closely with the HBOS telecommunications management team, BT reduced the number of downtime hours by 75%.

Consultancy: PA Consulting Group

Client: Department of Health

When large backlogs of orthopaedic patients threatened a Government initiative to cut waiting times to below six months, the Department of Health called in PA. The consultancy reviewed the 44 most problematic orthopaedic units, then began an action plan. At the start, 57,128 patients in England had waited more than six months for an operation. After 31 months, the number was just one.

Consultancy: Deloitte
Client: COLT Telecom Group SA

Consultancy: EC Harris
Client: London and Continental Railways

Consultancy: PA Consulting Group
Client: Devonport Management

Consultancy: PIPC UK
Client: Littlewoods Shop Direct Group


The US acquirer of Eurosilicone drafted WCI in to help eliminate poor production practices. With new planning and forecasting methods, 'lean' processes and measuring/monitoring systems in place, capacity has doubled, yield is 40% up and lead time has been cut by 20%.

- Transfer knowledge to build a firm foundation for future developments.

- Apply performance metrics to deliver quantifiable benefits.

- Structure planning to shift the culture from being reactive to one that anticipates future issues and manages around them.

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