MCA Management Awards: MT teams up with the MCA again to applaud the best in management consultancy

Now in their 11th year, the Management Consultancies Association's Awards have become the criterion by which the business consultancy industry measures the effectiveness of its activities. Category by category, they are keenly contested by the brightest and most innovative advisory firms in Britain, working in both the private and public sectors.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Management consultants operate at the heart of British business, influencing the strategic and purchasing decisions of the largest organisations in the UK. Together, they make up a sector now worth nearly £12 billion a year, creating value with their expertise in an array of specialist areas. It is what these leading business thinkers bring to the economy that the MCA Awards are designed to celebrate.

This year, the most successful consultancy projects in 10 main categories will be chosen from the shortlist below. A Platinum award celebrates the best overall consultancy/client achievement, while tasty side-dishes include special awards for Best Small Firm, Best Private Sector Project and Best Public Sector Project. Such are the elements of the most prestigious and authoritative prizes in their field.

The winners will be announced at an exclusive dinner at the London Hilton, Park Lane on 30 April, 2007. A full report will appear in MT's May edition.

Consultancy: BAS Ernst & Young
Client: Molnlycke Healthcare AB

Consultancy: Copra
Client: The Junction

Consultancy: Deloitte
Client: Bafta

Consultancy: KPMG
Client: Standard Life

Consultancy: PA Consulting Group
Client: BP

Consultancy: Accenture
Client: Big Lottery Fund

Consultancy: Capgemini UK
Client: Glasgow City Council

Consultancy: Impact Plus
Client: British Credit Trust

Consultancy: KPMG
Client: Suffolk and Merseyside Police

Consultancy: PA Consulting Group
Client: Highways Agency

Consultancy: PricewaterhouseCoopers
Client: British Nuclear Fuels

Consultancy: Quest Worldwide
Client: Unilever

Consultancy: Vertex
Client: Thurrock Council

Consultancy: Accenture
Client: GSM Association

Consultancy: Impact Plus
Client: The Carbon Trust

Consultancy: Propaganda
Client: Church of England

Consultancy: Hay Group
Client: ABN Amro

Consultancy: PA Consulting Group
Client: Job Centre Plus

Consultancy: Right Management
Client: Pfizer Group Management

Consultancy: Right Management
Client: PPPA

Consultancy: Ashridge Consulting
Client: O2 UK

Consultancy: Atkins Management Consultants
Client: London Development Agency

Consultancy: Atos Consulting
Client: DFID

Consultancy: Capita Advisory Services
Client: NHS Institute for Improvement and Innovation

Consultancy: KPMG
Client: HMRC

Consultancy: Serco Consulting
Client: Home Office/National Policing Improvement Agency

Consultancy: Trinity Horne
Client: Siemens

Consultancy: Atos Consulting
Client: DFID

Consultancy: Catalise
Client: DADE Behring

Consultancy: Hay Group
Client: ABN Amro

Consultancy: KPMG
Client: The Association of Banks in Singapore

Consultancy: PA Consulting Group
Client: Fiat

Consultancy: Academee
Client: Fujitsu Services

Consultancy: PricewaterhouseCoopers
Client: RBS

Consultancy: Propaganda
Client: FMG Support

Consultancy: Tribal Consulting
Client: B&S Learning and Skills Council

Consultancy: Bourton Group
Client: Defence Aviation Repair Agency

Consultancy: BT Global Professional Services
Client: HBOS

Consultancy: Deloitte
Client: Colt Telecom

Consultancy: EC Harris
Client: LCSP

Consultancy: PA Consulting Group
Client: Department of Health

Consultancy: PA Consulting Group
Client: Devonport Management

Consultancy: PIPC UK
Client: Littlewoods Shop Direct Group

Consultancy: WCI Consulting
Client: Eurosilicone

Consultancy: Alsbridge
Client: ntl:Telewest

Consultancy: Hedra
Client: Northamptonshire County Council

Consultancy: PA Consulting Group
Client: MPS

Consultancy: Troika (UK)
Client: Threadneedle Investments

Consultancy: IBM UK
Client: UK MOD

Consultancy: IBM UK
Client: Land Registry

Consultancy: Logica CMS
Client: Berneslai Homes

Consultancy: Xantus Consulting
Client: Boots

Consultancy: Xantus Consulting
Client: DWP

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