Meno-Porsche Syndrome

Middle age is getting dodgier to pin down, and so is the midlife crisis.

by Helen Kirwan-Taylor -
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

But there is one dead giveaway: the acquisition of the newest, latest, fastest Porsche sports car. This is what gave Roman Abramovich away recently (not the 23-year-old girlfriend but the swanky new silver number in the garage). Running off to find yourself in India is no longer an option in today's busy world (besides, they can find you anywhere, the bodyguards). Midlife crisis means turning-point, and one can either approach it with maturity and wisdom and a facelift or with a visit to the local car dealer. One way to arrest the crisis is to ignore it altogether, though research shows that many women over 40 feel under 40, so why should men be any different? If a Porsche must be had, then make sure it is driven solo: there is nothing like the sight of a Cayman S with a 23-year-old in it to get the wife's hackles up. And divorce will definitely precipitate a crisis.

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