Morale-boosting tips, from YouTube

How to keep a happy ship, with the Office, 30 Rock and League of Gentlemen....

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

When your team is under pressure or feeling vulnerable, you'll need to lift their morale. But stress often pushes staff to act up in ways they normally wouldn't dream of doing. When this happens, a good boss - ie. not the League of Gentlemen's Pauline - will recognise they're not questioning his authority, but merely expressing fear. If you can't reassure or inspire your staff in time of need, at least avoid de-motivating them altogether....

Here, Jack Donaghy - 30 Rock's boorish, sharp-tongued TV executive - tries to boost producer Liz Lemon's morale by inviting her to a quiet, intimate dinner party. But if you're trying to pep up a fragile member of your team, choose your words carefully. You don't need an industrial tribunal on your hands.

All of us have bad days. A decent manager will try to be accommodating, and perhaps offer some advice. But as the Office's David Brent shows, there are some areas where a manager should not tread, and one of these is relationships. A good boss notices when one of his staff is feeling low; a great boss might offer some tactful words of support or guidance; a bad boss gets out his guitar.






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