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Leadership & Reputation
February 21st, 2023 

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Strategic Leadership
March 14th, 2023

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Course overview  

Corporate reputation is based as much on how businesses respond to societal concerns as on more traditional questions such as stakeholder relations and risk management. As well as their decisions, a leader’s style and approach can strongly influence perceptions, something seen repeatedly in every industry or sector. This course will provide you with a legal, ethical and moral framework for decision making and communication at a senior level, as well as a playbook for what happens when your reputation is in crisis.


Develop the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively lead your team whilst building and mainting your organisations reputation

Gain a deeper understanding of communication, decision-making and crisis management that are crucial to leading at a senior level

Earn a CPD certification and demonstrate your commitment to ongoing professional development and dedication to improving your skills as a leader

MT Academy is accredited by CPD , the leading Continuing Professional Development training certification in the UK. 


100% virtual live and on-demand learning

12hrs of content over 4-5 weeks

2 live online interactive seminars


The course commences on Tuesday 21st February 2023 with a live, synchronous and interactive seminar with your course leader Dr Nicky Garsten. After the first seminar you will work your way through the prepared content at your own pace.

There are four parts to the course, and these will include for activities and reflections you can try, alongside a range of thought-provoking theory, interviews, videos and case studies to fuel your exploration of the topic. Activities aim for new ideas and perspectives which you can bring to the group in online discussions and Q&A, as well as to the second live seminar. 

The course also includes a optional reflective practice writing exercise. This should be submitted for informal feedback up to two weeks from the end of the course.

The course will close with another interactive seminar on Tuesday 14th March 2023 where you can share your thoughts, findings and experiences with the course leader and other participants from various industries. 

We understand you are busy, so don’t worry you will be able to catch up on any content you have missed after the last seminar. Your access to the platform will end on Monday 13th June 2023.  

Once you have completed the course you will receive a MT Certificate of Leadership Excellence (CLE). 



Dr Nicky Garsten 

Award winning Assoicate Director and Associate Professor of Non Profit and Business communications at University of Greenwich

Dr Nicky Garsten is a true pioneer of strategic communications. With extensive background in PR and consulting, her insight and expertise will give you the communication tools you need to lead at a senior level.

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Module 1 Introduction to reputation

  • Why reputation matters
  • The links to brands and leadership

Module 2 Reputation as behaviour

  • Core business and corporate governance
  • Culture and values

Module 3 Reputation research

  • Measuring and reporting reputation

Module 4 Risk, issues and crisis

  • Identifying and assessing risk
  • Issues and crisis management 

Module 5 Corporate communications

  • Getting the message right
  • Handling misinformation and disinformation


Denim Jeans

Leadership & Reputation

£600 +VAT



Course overview 

A strategy is a means to an end, not an end itself. In the 21st century, strategy has become a much more nuanced and interconnected concept than in previous eras, matching the complex and volatile business and social environment of a global economy. Organisations need to set goals and objectives to stay relevant and create value, and it is the task of the leader to help form the strategy to get there. Strategy is a bedrock of leadership, and executing it effectively needs many skills, from effective horizon scanning and market analysis to how and when to make key investment decisions. This course will explain the multiple decisions that form a strategy and bring it together as a coherent whole in a business model.

Strategic leadership demands the ability to navigate an organisation through uncertain times and today’s executives need a skillset that can, ultimately, mean the difference between success and failure. In the Strategic Leadership course, you will learn how to embed long-term organisational development into your thinking, how to navigate complexity and uncertainty and how to demonstrate the behaviours (from horizon scanning to scenario planning) required of truly strategic leaders.

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