MT Breakfast Debate: The silver lining to Recession 2.0

This Thursday, come and join our debate on whether the new 'connectedness' can help us through the downturn...

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Our new 'connectedness' made this downturn worse, but will it also help us recover? We want your views...

On April 23, MT is hosting a free breakfast seminar (in association with Sage), where we’ll be debating whether the ‘connectedness’ of the modern business world is a blessing or a curse. It’s hard to escape the conclusion that the instantaneous, always-on connectivity of modern communications has resulted in this recession spreading more rapidly and more widely than any previous downturn. But will this new connectedness also prove to be a crucial factor in our recovery?

It’s certainly never been more important to stay close to your stakeholders – whether that means employees, customers, investors, or prospects – and thanks to developments in social networking, mobile communication and cloud computing, businesses can now do this to an unprecedented degree. By exchanging information and ideas more freely, businesses should be able to recover more quickly – which could make the general economic recovery just as rapid as the crash that preceded it. And companies with the technology to take advantage of this new connectedness could well be ahead of the curve when the upswing comes.

The debate will be chaired by MT editor Matthew Gwyther, and we’ve lined up a distinguished panel of experts, including the FT’s management columnist Stefan Stern, FreshMinds CEO Caroline Plumb and David Beard of Sage’s enterprise division. But just as importantly, we want to know what YOU think – particularly if you’re an IT Director with responsibility for your company’s communication strategies, or a CEO with strong views on this fascinating area.

This event will be held at One Alfred Place in London on 23 April 2009, starting at 8.30am. To register, just contact Kate Gennery on or 020 8267 4186. It’s completely free to attend, and we’ll even throw in breakfast. You can’t say fairer than that...

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