MT business travel: Table talk - Where Caroline Plumb eats

I use so many places but there is one restaurant I'm particularly fond of.

by Caroline Plumb, co-founder of recruitment consultant FreshMinds
Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

I'm loath to mention it, because it's such a find and I don't really want anyone to know about it - Edokko in Bloomsbury. That's it, I've ruined it now.

It's a sweet little place, off the beaten track, and always full of Japanese business people. It has the intimacy of places I used to go to in Japan when I visited my grandfather, who worked there as a translator. It even has a little red lantern outside, and the staff always greet you with a hearty irassyaimase (welcome). It's a world away from westernised adaptations like Wagamama or Yo! Sushi, and as it's only open Monday to Friday - for a couple of hours at lunch and three at dinner - it's obvious they're not massively commercial.

The interior is all wooden panels, and downstairs there are nine or 10 tables, all set low. You sit on cushions on the floor, but there's a section cut out so you can dangle your legs under the table if you find that more comfortable.

It offers a real variety of food, from tempura to noodles and, my favourite, the set lunch of sushi and sashimi. It's quite substantial and has all the details, like little bowls of pickles and soya sauce. They have plenty for the less adventurous person - great yakitori, fried chicken, or noodle dishes - and that suits my fiance, who can't stand raw fish.

It's actually where he proposed to me, last May. He pulled a big scam - he came to take me out for the afternoon and said we should just nip in for a bit of lunch. Then he popped the question. The Japanese staff were typically unperturbed. As for my answer - it was quite a straightforward decision.

EDOKKO 50 Red Lion St, London, WC1R 4PF 020 7242 3490 Average price (lunch) £15-£20 per head, plus drinks FAVOURITE DISHES Sushi/sashimi set lunch £17

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