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Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Cadbury Schweppes' chief executive may like his wine gums, but this month MT gave him something meaty to chew on - reviewing Resonant Leadership on the books pages. 'I was made to stop and think,' says Stitzer, who was impressed by the practical approach taken by its authors.


The proprietor of British Midland revisits his past in Brainfood's 'If I had to start again'. At 18, he announced his ambition to own an airline; at 36, he had achieved it. Despite some difficult times at BMI, and a stint at Channel 4, the 63-year-old entrepreneur remains an airline man through and through.


MT editor-at-large Davidson was prepared for his encounter with English Heritage's dynamic chief executive, Simon Thurley - he lives in a series of crumbling buildings in Kent, rather too close to a National Trust estate. 'I'm at the untidy end of the conservation spectrum,' he says.


Illustrating MT's new Table Talk spot (see p79) promises to be a mouth-watering commission for Brooklyn-based foodie Morison. 'I love cooking,' he says. He moved to New York from London last year, and his work now appears in the New York Times and the Boston Globe, as well as the Guardian.


Belcher's work has appeared in the Sunday Times and the FT, and on a series of dance CDs - a commission that took him to more than 25 cities worldwide. Our cover shoot provided him with rare time in his studio. 'It was a lot of fun and very upbeat, as you can see from the juggling restaurateurs.'

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