MT/eBay Digital Power List - Vote for Dan Wagner's picks

Our bid to find the nation's favourite digital SME continues, as Brightstation Ventures and Powa boss Dan Wagner names his choices.

by Andrew Saunders
Last Updated: 29 May 2015


Day three of the first round voting in the MT/eBay Digital SME Power List election dawns, with Brightstation Ventures and Powa Technologies boss Dan Wagner setting out his picks.

In an effort to showcase the best and brightest Brit digital start ups, we’ve launched the MT/eBay Digital SME Power List, and asked a panel of the UK tech scene’s smartest players to name their favourites. What’s more you get to vote too.

Today it’s the turn of Brightstation Ventures and Powa boss Dan Wagner. As one of the UK’s original dotcom pioneers, as well as the man behind Powa Technologies, Wagner is now one of the few Brits in the exclusive billion dollar tech start-up club.  Here is his list for your delectation – pick one and vote for it now.

Dan Wagner’s picks

Recite Me - Ross Linnet’s business is a translation and accessibility specialist helping organisations including Gatwick Airport, make their websites more usable, especially by customers with reading disabilities. Its Recite software allows users to customise the website they’re on so it works better for them. Tools include text-to-speech conversion, translation, and adjustable font sizes and colours.

Preceptiv - ‘Did you know that both metalheads and classical fans have vivid imaginations and are emotionally secure?’ So asks Preceptiv, the world's first mobile personality test based on music taste. Co-founded by ex-nuclear engineer Andrew Ko, the platform leverages the insights gained from our favourite tunes for brands, agencies and music retailers.

AirPoS - A point-of-sale payment application that’s designed to work across any device a retailer already owns, from iPads to Android phones. Belfast-based Martin Neil’s business works with the likes of Paypal and Samsung to deliver a system tretailers can install it themselves. What’s more, AirPoS’s back-office facility gives real-time product and sales data across any platform.

Skimlinks – One of the original Silicon Roundabout start-ups founded by Alicia Navarro and Joe Stepniewski. Skimlinks is an affiliate marketing platform that allows publishers, including Time Inc and The Huffington Post, to monetise their content by turning product references into trackable links. These are integrated with more than 20,000 merchants. Skimlinks processes 300 million clicks a month on over 1.5 million sites.

Buyapowa - In a bid to bring selling up to speed with the social age, Buyapowa’s e-commerce platform allows companies to design, manage and analyse social sales campaigns from one integrated dashboard, tweaking their gamification and pricing. Clients include Sony, Paddy Power and L’Oreal. [Disclosure – Buyapowa is one of Dan’s own businesses. You can’t fault him for trying!]


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