MT/eBay Digital Power List - Vote for the winner

Here are your eight finalists, but who will win out as the UK's digital startup superhero?

by Rachel Savage
Last Updated: 29 May 2015


You voted and here they are: the eight finalists in the MT/eBay Digital Small Business Powerlist, one from each of our esteemed judges and the most popular runner-up.

Voting closes on Wednesday 3 June at 11.45pm and the winner will be announced at MT Live London on June 25. Oh, and did we mention they’ll get a write up in the July/August issue? Get voting now…

Funding Circle co-founder James Meekings’ pick:

Beer Hawk "We personally dip our beaks into thousands of beers, far and wide." So runs the Beer Hawk mission statement. It’s a simple enough concern: an online service offering craft beer and real ale from over 300 artisan breweries around the world. 

Ariadne Capital chairman Julie Meyer’s pick:

SoundOut SoundOut gives predictive insight to various industries, including music, fashion, advertising and FMCG. Its Slicethepie hub takes reviews and ratings from a team of over 750,000 reviewers, so new products can be compared against a database of almost 15 million reviews.

Powa Technologies chief exec Dan Wagner’s pick:

Recite Me Recite Me helps organisations, including Gatwick Airport, make their websites more accessible. Its Recite software allows users to customise the website they’re on so it works better for them. Tools include text-to-speech conversion, translation, and adjustable font sizes. 

Unruly Media co-founder Sarah Wood’s pick:

Shazam This app identifies what song you’re listening to and allows you to buy it. It has over 100 million monthly active users, who can now even Shazam TV shows and ads. Doing so unlocks special offers and more information on what they’re watching.

MT deputy editor Andrew Saunders’ pick:

CityMapper Azmat Yusuf was confused by London’s public transport, so he designed a responsive app to map out any journey in the city. Citymapper now covers others from Philadelphia to Singapore and is already a favourite among Apple Watch wearers.

eBay UK COO Sarah Calcott’s picks:

Bright Network This free graduate careers network was founded in 2008 by James Uffindell. Its 40,000 members get an open door to Google, McKinsey and PwC through personal introductions and networking events. The corporate partners get their pick of talented youngsters.

XS Items XS Items provides a ‘unique alternative to traditional salvage’, using eBay to sell excess stock, customer returns and redundant machinery on behalf of other companies. Having hooked clients to its value, XS is replicating its eBay model on Amazon too.

Thingimijigs boss Rachael White’s pick:

Tamebay An independent blog turned one-stop shop for retailers seeking e-commerce news, information and advice. The team also publishes the annual Tamebay Guide, a round-up of e-commerce platforms, selling tools and payment options – an invaluable time-saver for SMEs.


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