MT Expert: How to get your brand out there

Genius idea transposed into a viable business plan? Done. Funding secured and money in the coffers? Check. Now the real hard work begins...

by Omer Shai
Last Updated: 03 Aug 2012

…creating the personality of the business and getting your brand out there. 

Branding and marketing your business need not cost you an arm and a leg. Whilst corners shouldn’t be cut, utilising the resources that are already available in the market is the savvy entrepreneur’s ticket to success. 

Below are some tips for getting your brand out there whilst saving your business a penny or two: 


Any entrepreneur with a limited start-up budget is going to need to get creative when it comes to branding. Start by making the most of the web. Look to some famous brands and do a bit of your own (free!) market research. Apple’s clever branding conjures the words ‘cool and innovative’. What they’ve understood is the need for simplicity and consistency in their visual personality and this is clearly displayed in all of Apple’s branding. 

Getting online 

Clients expect to be able to look you up online, so when they do, make sure that it’s your carefully designed and edited website that they see first.

Don’t be scared of the effort or cost involved in this project. There are ‘freemium’ website building platforms that will help create you an aesthetically pleasing, professional online brand for next to nothing and without any hassle. 

Here are some tips for top-notch website design: 

Find your inspiration. Check out other brands that you admire: what’s enticing about their colour schemes and fonts; what makes their website engaging. Remember these elements and principals when structuring and creating your website. 

Reduce the bells and whistles.  Do you need animation and sound? Does your design focus on your main message or distract from it?  Have some friends visit and critique your site. First impressions are hugely important so make the homepage captivating. You want people to stick around your website and not bounce off as soon as they arrive. 

Keep it clean. In terms of colour schemes, even a slight change in shade or hue of a colour can make a huge impact.  Use a colour scheme site to pick a scheme you like, then stick to it and your site will pop.  Also try to use only one font throughout your site.  If you need two, make sure they go together. 

Socialise and schmooze 

Just like a website, it’s expected that your business will be present on social networks. What’s more, it’s free, easy and great for customer research. Take this opportunity to build communities of clients - engage with them, hear what they’re interested in, get feedback on your business. Pro-active engagement will generate customer satisfaction and boost word-of-mouth advertising. Be sure to align your social activities with your brand – remain consistent in all channels so that the user flow is smooth. Finally, don’t forget to include your social media icons on your website to make your website social and interactive.

Omer Shai is the vice president of marketing for the ‘freemium’ DIY website creator,

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