MT Expert - IT: More than just a website

Your digital strategy shouldn't stop at your website, says Bloomberg's Oke Okaro - the possibilities are endless.

by MT Staff
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013
So you’ve got a website and maybe even an app – but that doesn’t mean you’ve got a convincing digital strategy.

Stakeholders – whether that’s shareholders, employees, peers or customers – are intrinsic to the success of a business. They’re at the centre of a business’ universe, so they should be at the centre of your digital strategy, too.

With so many digital channels around, it’s become harder to pique people’s interest in the first place – and making sure they stay engaged is even more difficult. But if you put a digital strategy at the heart of your business, you’d be surprised at how easy it makes it to connect with your audience.

To begin with, think about what marks your content as distinct, then find ways to connect your audience to that content. Our users, for example, have made it clear they need compelling market-related information throughout the day. They’re busy business executives who require the news they need to make better-informed decisions. They don’t have much time to spare, so all of our services are designed to deliver what they need in an optimal way across varied platforms.

Finding the right way to engage your customers won’t just improve your brand perception and position you as a progressive company, but it’ll open you up to new audiences, ultimately improving your bottom line. And don’t forget about modern devices, such as smartphones, which hugely enrich the experience. For us at Bloomberg, that message has been made loud and clear.

Digital strategy may sometimes be seen as a little woolly, but these days, it’s the way of the world – and as time goes on, it’ll only become more central to doing business. The tangible benefits are easily measured: because everything can be tracked in real-time (or within minutes, at least), digital platforms mean you can continuously adapt you strategy until you find the formula for success.

The possibilities for audience engagement are almost limitless.  My advice is to think about how your stakeholders live their lives. Be creative and think beyond the traditional conceptions of communication and marketing – consider how to scale your offering across multiple digital platforms. And keep in mind that measuring engagement is all-important: this isn’t a one-time adjustment, it's a starting point. From here, you'll have to experiment and refine. But in the end, it will all be worth it.
- Oke Okaro, General Manager and Global Head of Mobile, Bloomberg L.P.

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