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Kingston Communications' Daemonn Brody argues that it's time to move your servers out-of-house.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

There’s no denying the past six months have seen the business landscape change almost beyond recognition. Margins are tighter. Markets are tougher. And businesses – large and small – are beginning to feel the pinch. But does the economic downturn mean waving goodbye to business ambitions?

When times are tough, it makes sense to minimise outgoings. But seemingly prudent solutions can limit business growth in the long-term. That’s why it’s important to consider your options with an eye to the future, rather than making snap decisions based on instinct.

One area that’s fraught with pitfalls is server and data management. Seemingly complicated yet actually deceptively simple, it can prove a black hole in terms of lost capital and operational expenditure. Buying – and maintaining – servers in-house incurs substantial up-front hardware costs, ongoing maintenance and operational expertise. Furthermore, if things go wrong or you need to scale up your solution, essential outlay can prove prohibitively expensive and slow. Boiling it down to its most essential form, in-house hosting can be a solution that sees you pay now… and pay again later.

Taking your servers out-of-house and making the most of flexible hosting services makes great business sense. The benefits are plentiful, and if you pick a partner that delivers a consistently available solution, you can look forward to:

• Experts to look after the technology whilst you look after your business
• Service Level agreements to ensure great availability
• No need to worry about technology changes
• An expert support team providing you with 24 x 7 cover
• World class facilities and network underpinning your service

A reliable, reputable partner will take the hassle out of hosting for you. But what extras are available if you shop around? Depending on the provider you choose, it’s worth looking for added-value in the following areas:

• Best-of-breed technology. Ideally, with no up-front outlay or setup costs
• Always-on support. Expert monitoring and server management 24/7
• Solutions that grow or shrink to suit your requirements. It’s also worth considering just how quickly solutions can change or how fast you want servers deployed.
• Improved business continuity. Look for a provider offering data backup, especially offsite. This means your data’s backed up and secure at a separate location.

In summary, if you’re keen to take advantage of opportunities without taking risks, managed server hosting really makes sense. A ‘pay-as-you-grow’ solution, managed server hosting is ideal when budgets are limited but ambitions aren’t.

Daemonn Brody is Head of Hosting, Propositions and Products at Kingston Communications, a regionally-focused communications provider delivering a wide range of internet-based and telecommunications services. For more information visit:

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