MT Leadership Visions: Adrian Fawcett, CEO of General Healthcare Group

The former Punch Taverns CEO on the need to balance efficiency with quality.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

In the final session of our week-long leadership session (in association with IBM), Adrian Fawcett, CEO of the General Healthcare Group, talks about why a healthcare business is particularly tricky to run during the recession. Formerly the CEO of Punch Taverns, Fawcett has seen revenue increase by 20% since he joined GHG, with company earnings increasing by over a third. Fawcett’s leadership pointers include:

  • During a recession, leaders need to balance communicating the need for efficiency with the need for quality to their employees
  • A capable team means there’s a wider debate on how to make things easier
  • Most savings are made at the lowest levels – so give the people at those levels the opportunity to make important decisions
  • Make sure your employees know where the organisation as a whole is going, so different departments can integrate
  • Make sure you know your organisation’s financial parameters, so your decisions don’t expose your company to risk.

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MT Leadership Visions: Adrian Fawcett, CEO of General Healthcare Group
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