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Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

What is it? How restrained. 'For f***'s sake!' might be a more reasonable introduction. If you haven't heard of monetisation, do add it to your meetings bingo card, because it should count for a triple-word score when it comes up in a presentation or strategy get-together. Monetisation is the process by which you start making money out of your activities. It's more than just a question of selling: monetisation involves spotting a way of generating revenue from something that people like doing - charging for it, in other words. That's the beauty of capitalism.

Where did it come from? During the happy, innocent days of web 1.0, monetisation was the trick so many hopeful web warriors failed to pull off. Sure, those websites were pretty, offered enticing images and sometimes even worked - but nobody was buying. Whether it was high fashion or pet food, it turned out that monetisation was easier to say than to do. The word very nearly became an unmentionable. Which is probably a shame, because in fact monetisation remains an essential discipline in business and a very nice trick to pull off, if you can.

Where is it going? People are still, understandably but unwisely, a bit down on the old monetisation game - at least in public. It's so web 1.0. Indeed, some of the biggest successes of web 2.0 seem averse to monetisation. Craigslist, for example, the (mostly) free listings service, has said it is not planning to monetise its offerings, even though it's one of the most visited sites on the internet. Advertising companies are less squeamish. When you look down at that petrol pump guard and see an advertisement on it, or look straight ahead at the wall above the urinal and find an ad there, you know you've been monetised.

Fad quotient (out of 10)

Seven and climbing politely.

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