MT Reviews: BerryWhite Organic Drinks

Do you guzzle tea and coffee all day long? Are you addicted to sweet, caffeinated drinks? Well, so is MT. We tried to kick the habit by giving BerryWhite Organic Drinks a go. Here's how we found them.

by Rebecca Burn-Callander
Last Updated: 19 Aug 2013

When you're run off your feet at the office, there's barely time to throw some instant coffee granules into a plastic cup of hot water, let alone head to shops for a freshly-squeezed orange juice. So, when we heard that there was a new range of healthy soft drinks out there, we decided to give them a whirl. Goodbye, tins of Coca Cola and murky cups of questionable tea. Hello fruity goodness.

Well, it's worth saying now that BerryWhite - great name, that. MT can hear the great man's dulcet tones with every sip - isn't as good for you as you may think. It may not contain artificial sweeteners or any added sugar, but there's still a tooth-crumbling amount of the sweet stuff in there - enough to make 115 calories per bottle. We couldn't find the exact amount in the ingredients list or online, but MT's teeth squeaked after downing a bottle of the Pomegranate & Blueberry flavour.

That said, these are pretty tasty. The Lemon, Ginger & Acai Berry is our favourite - the lemon and ginger give it a bit of a kick, but it's sweet enough to taste a bit naughty. Plus, Acai Berries are superfoods, packed with nutrients, or so the spiel goes - and we're a sucker for all that stuff. Goji Berries (another superfood!) & Peaches was also darn tasty. Like a summer iced tea meets a lollipop.

We're also a fan of the BerryWhite story. Founded by Andrew Jennings just this year, all you early adopters will be well ahead of the fruity beverage curve by getting into this stuff now. And each flavour has been carefully designed by a mixologist, with taste and nutrition in mind. And the icing on this particular cake is its credentials and ethics. Not only is BerryWhite accredited by the Soil Association, which means it's definitely, certainly and completely organic, but with every bottle you buy, Berry White makes a small donation to Global Angels, a charity helping disadvantaged kids and communities around the world.

That's guilt-free guzzling, folks!

Taste: ***

Feel-good factor: ****

Health factor: ***

Price: ***(£1.79 at Planet Organic)

You can find a list of Berry White stockists here

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