MT Reviews: Seacret's Dead Sea Skincare

Running a business or working in a stressful job can take its toll on your skin. MT takes a look at Seacret's range of hydrating skin foods to find out if they can undo the damage.

by Rachel Cramond
Last Updated: 21 Nov 2012

'Your eyes show it all: long working hours, little sleep, stress, lack of hydration and little time to care for your skin,' reads the Seacret press release. 'Seacret's Revive Age-Defying Eye Serum is a revolutionary age-defying solution for ageless, beautiful eyes - a one step solution.'

Perfect, thought MT. That's just the product to review for our band of hard-working, shuteye-skipping, coffee-glugging band of business readers.
Here's what we made of the Eye Serum, the Pomegranate Body Lotion, and the Seacret Restore Face Serum.

Seacret's Revive Age-Defying Eye Serum

Using active Dead Sea minerals, Revive Eye Serum is formulated to decrease the appearance of dark circles, and zap away dry and damaged skin around the eye. It's very pricey at £100 for a 30ml but is it worth it? Well, it beats my usual moisturiser, definitely. It absorbed quickly and stopped my eyelids feeling dry and puffy (a side-effect of working in an air conditioned office).

It's early days on the dark circles front, however. After the first couple of applications, I'm not sure there was any effect on the bags under my eyes, but I expect that if it was applied religiously there could be quite an improvement. Still, my eyes felt refreshed after a single application. But I would be turned off by the price-tag.

Fragrance ***
Texture ****
Absorbability ****
Visible improvement to skin ***
Price: £99.95
Where to buy:

Seacret Pomegranate Body Lotion

This smells amazing, if more like a sherbet fountain than a genuine pomegranate. While it did sink in very quickly (as claimed by the packet), it left my skin feeling quite sticky. Luckily this tackiness vanished after a couple of minutes, leaving me with baby bottom-esque skin.

Fragrance ****
Texture **
Absorbability **
Visible improvement to skin ***
Price: £15.95
Where to buy:

Seacret Restore Face Serum

Having read rather a lot about serums, I was quite excited to try this. The texture was nice, but it seemed to sit on top of my skin rather than sinking in. Maybe I used too much, but I was just left with a slightly slimy face. Disappointing.

Fragrance **
Texture ****
Absorbability *
Visible improvement to skin **
Price: £99.95
Where to buy:

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