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MT Survey of surveys - It's a trillion-dollar industry that our jobs and lives depend on, so why do only geeks know how it works? In an effort to redress this imbalance, the first new MT research round-up goes under the bonnet of the global IT biz, to find enough facts and figures to make Bill Gates look like a beginner.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

It's a trillion-dollar industry that our jobs and lives depend on, so why do only geeks know how it works? In an effort to redress this imbalance, the first new MT research round-up goes under the bonnet of the global IT biz, to find enough facts and figures to make Bill Gates look like a beginner.

< world's="" top="" 10="" microchip="" vendors="" 2002="" revenue="" hitachi="" 4,123="" philips="" 4,355="" motorola="" 4,800="" infineon="" technologies="" 5,355="" nec="" 5,681="" texas="" instruments="" 6,200="" st="" microelectronics="" 6,305="" intel="" 24,150="" samsung="" 8,165="" toshiba="" 6,529="" average="" salaries="" in="" it="" usdollars="" uk="" 81,553="" us="" 80,286="" w="" europe="" 68,218="" australia="" 62,257="" canada="" 56,599="" singapore="" 43,058="" southafrica="" 30,055="" brazil="" 19,982="" india="" 8,593="" source:="" itoolbox="" inc="" salary="" survey="" 2003="" uk's="" biggest="" users="" of="" it="" 1="" ministry="" of="" defence="" 2="" department="" for="" work="" &="" pensions="" 3="" royal="" mail="" group="" 4="" bt="" group="" 5="" royal="" bank="" of="" scotland="" group="" 6="" bae="" systems="" 7="" lloyd's="" tsb="" group="" 8="" tesco="" 9="" inland="" revenue="" 10="" british="" airways="" source:="" managing="" information="" strategies="" mis="" 100,="" 2003="" in="" 2002,="" western="" europeans="" sent="" 1.3="" trillion="" e-mails,="" north="" american="" sent="" 3.1="" trillion="" e-mails.="" those="" in="" the="" rest="" of="" the="" world="" sent="" 1.2="" trillion="" e-mails.="" spam="" ratios:="" proportion="" of="" e-mails="" that="" are="" junk="" jun="" 2002="" jun="" 2003="" us="" 1="" in="" 117.7="" 1="" in="" 2.1="" thailand="" 1="" in="" 32.6="" 1="" in="" 2.9="" ireland="" 1="" in="" 163.1="" 1="" in="" 6.0="" hong="" kong="" 1="" in="" 627.3="" 1="" in="" 7.6="" uk="" 1="" in="" 389.9="" 1="" in="" 8.2="" australia="" 1="" in="" 725.8="" 1="" in="" 8.8="" netherlands="" 1="" in="" 740.1="" 1="" in="" 28.9="" source:="" messagelabs="" technofear:="" uk="" office="" workers="" who="" need="" help="" switching="" their="" pc="" on="" and="" off="" 14%="" saving="" a="" document="" 19%="" printing="" a="" document="" 21%="" making="" a="" spreadsheet="" 25%="" source:="" city="" &="" guilds="" logging="" on:="" internet="" use="" by="" country="" internet="" time="" on="" line="" users="" per="" month="" us="" 182.1m="" 26hrs="" 15min="" japan="" 58.8m="" 13hrs="" 49mins="" germany="" 39.0m="" 10hrs="" 10mins="" uk="" 29.0m="" 9hrs="" 8mins="" italy="" 24.0m="" 5hrs="" 17mins="" france="" 18.8m="" 9hrs="" 50mins="" spain="" 14.0m="" 9hrs="" 12mins="" australia="" 11.0m="" 10hrs="" 52mins="" sweden="" 6.1m="" 8hrs="" 45mins="" hong="" kong="" 4.6m="" 20hrs="" 35mins="" source:="" nielsen="" net="" ratings="" software="" piracy="" in="" 2002="" eastern="" europe="" 71%="" software="" unlicensed,="" dollars="" 1.026bn="" retail="" losses="" latin="" america="" 55%="" software="" unlicensed,="" dollars="" 824m="" retail="" losses="" asia="" pacific="" 55%="" software="" unlicensed,="" dollars="" 5.48bn="" retail="" losses="" middle="" east/="" 49%="" software="" unlicensed,="" dollars="" 285m="" retail="" losses="" africa="" western="" europe="" 35%="" software="" unlicensed,="" dollars="" 3.19bn="" retail="" losses="" north="" america="" 24%="" software="" unlicensed,="" dollars="" 2.27bn="" retail="" losses="" global="" 39%="" software="" unlicensed,="" dollars="" 13.08bn="" retail="" losses="" kids="" online:="" august="" 2002/august="" 2003="" switzerland="" 300,000="" switzerland="" 350,000="" sweden="" 580,000="" sweden="" 650,000="" spain="" 720,000="" spain="" 890,000="" netherlands="" 850,000="" netherlands="" 1,040,000="" italy="" 1,230,000="" italy="" 1,200,000="" france="" 1,200,000="" france="" 1,460,000="" germany="" 2,580,000="" germany="" 3,040,000="" uk="" 2,870,000="" uk="" 4,530,000="" source:="" neilsen="" netratings="" fat="" pipe="" dreams:="" households="" with="" broadband="" web="" access="" 2003="" 2006="" netherlands="" 23.8%="" 35.9%="" sweden="" 20.6%="" 35.9%="" denmark="" 19.9%="" 34.8%="" germany="" 12.8%="" 26.0%="" uk="" 11.6%="" 26.9%="" finland="" 11.6%="" 26.0%="" france="" 11.6%="" 20.7%="" spain="" 8.7%="" 13.8%="" italy="" 8.2%="" 17.1%="" ireland="" 0.3%="" 9.1%="" source:="" forrester="" research="" in="" april="" this="" year,="" 1="" in="" 276="" e-mails="" contained="" viruses="" and="" 1="" in="" 1,837="" contained="" porn="" source:="" messagelabs="" the="" uk's="" favourite="" pcs="" market="" share="" toshiba="" 4.2%="" ibm="" 4.5%="" nec="" 5.6%="" others="" 41.1%="" hp="" 22.9%="" dell="" 21.7%="" source:="" idc="" the="" pc="" revolution:="" households="" with="" one="" or="" more="" pcs="" canada="" 92.1%="" us="" 89.0%="" new="" zealand="" 81.5%="" japan="" 56.6%="" hong="" kong="" 56.5%="" netherlands="" 53.4%="" denmark="" 51.6%="" singapore="" 48.2%="" uk="" 42.9%="" germany="" 41.4%="" france="" 36.2%="" source:="" idc="" wi-fi="" hotspots="" compound="" 2002="" 2006="" growth="" pa="" europe,="" middle="" east="" and="" africa="" 1,620="" 41,070="" 124%="" asia="" pacific="" 7,510="" 37,550="" 50%="" north="" america="" 3,850="" 53,260="" 93%="" source:="" datamonitor="" more="" than="" 350,000="" web="" diaries="" in="" english="" makes="" it="" the="" bloggers'="" favourite="" language,="" with="" portuguese="" second="" and="" polish="" third="" most="" popular.="" source:="" nitl="" blogcensus="">

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