MT Sustainability Visions: What generation Y wants

When it comes to choosing an employer, young talent wants to see a commitment to sustainability.

Last Updated: 24 Sep 2010
In the second of our video interviews from the Start Summit on sustainability, Kate Hofman, strategy and transformation consultant in IBM’s global business services, spills the beans on what Generation Y expects from their employers, and why sustainability has become a necessary part of employee engagement.

Hofman explains the competitive advantage of having sustainability at the core of your business model, as well as what Generation Y expects from their CEOs. ‘A leader has a huge role to play when it comes to making sustainability a holistic part of the business’, she says. ‘They have to act in a way both as an individual and as a head of a company to make it a key part of the business agenda.’

Not only that, but sustainability is a key way to motivate young talent. ‘I think sustainability matters to Generation Y more than to any other generation before us because there’s a real sense that we’re at a tipping point now, and that we’ve possibly missed opportunities in the past to change the way we behave and the way that we run businesses and the economy.’

Tomorrow: Ian Cheshire, CEO of Kingfisher, on how sustainability is transforming his business.

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