MT Workplace Technology Visions: View from the top - Mark Dixon

In the first of a series of five exclusive interviews, the Regus CEO gives his take on what IT is doing to the way we work.

by Andrew Saunders
Last Updated: 01 Oct 2010

When Mark Dixon founded his international serviced office business Regus in 1989, the World Wide Web had yet to be invented, and the internet was an IT backwater peopled only by academic and military geeks.

An awful lot has changed since then. Now email is ubiquitous, everyone has a BlackBerry or a smartphone which is more powerful than the laptops of a year or two ago, and we hear a great deal about the Cloud and how it is set to revolutionise our working and business lives.

What better time, then, for MT to team up with Fujitsu to bring you Workplace Technology Visions - a week of video interviews here on Over the next five days we'll be looking at exactly how those tech changes - the Cloud in particular - are likely to play out. What opportunities will they present, and how best can these be exploited?

For someone like Dixon, the non-techie CEO of a non-techie (but increasingly tech-reliant) company, one of the key challenges is simply keeping on top of new technology in the first place. After all, he’s got plenty of other things to worry about, like global macro-economic turbulence and keeping his customers happy. Surely sussing out the next big thing in IT is something best left to experts?

That’s historically been the view of some bosses, but Dixon believes they are making a risky mistake. Why? Because as we move into The Cloud - a world of ‘work anywhere’ connectivity in which software and computing horsepower is no longer owned but bought on-demand – IT is becoming increasingly strategic. In this world, chief executives must be alive, if not to the detailed workings then at least to the commercial and business potential of new technology. If they aren’t one of their rivals will be, and that could very soon be that.

In this video interview granted exclusively to MT, Dixon outlines how Regus has embraced new technologies and how he believes that the future of work will be shaped by the rise in Cloud computing. Other highlights include:

- How the Cloud and remote working are the first workplace technologies to be driven by employee pull rather than employer push.
- How technology is levelling the playing field and making it much easier for small firms to compete with large corporate rivals.

- Why Regus has invested more in IT in the last two years than at any other time in its 21yr history.

For more exclusive videos, visit our microsite at

Coming up tomorrow in Workplace technology Visions - Fujitsu CIO David Smith answers the 64 dollar question - what exactly is the Cloud?

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