MTs 35u35 - and Barbara Stocking - put their best foot forward at Reiss

Be yourself, says Oxfam boss at MT's latest 35 women under 35 networking event.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

It was a party not to be missed. Last night MT hosted another exclusive networking event for our '35 Women Under 35' list alumni at Reiss’ glamorous London HQ, where Oxfam GB’s chief exec Barbara Stocking gave a well received speech about her life at the top.

Afterwards, the successful young women who have previously made it onto the list mingled with contenders for this year’s list. Sam Mangwana, Katy Tuncer, Elspeth Finch, Claire Carr, Bianca Watts, Tashi Lassalle and Kresse Wesling all found time to join MT. Click here for a slideshow of pictures of the event.

But Stocking was the real star of the show, thanks to an insightful glimpse into her life as a charity CEO. Responsible for Oxfam’s 6,000 staff and 20,000 volunteers, her counsel is ‘be yourself. Don’t try to be like other people – or a man.’ She also recommends integrity as a key aspect of success, saying ‘by integrity I don’t mean just being honest. Everyone at Oxfam knows that everything I do is for the purpose of the organisation – not for myself.’

Stocking also offered one other valuable tip to the audience – you’ve always got to deliver, not just on the big promises, but the small ones too. ‘If you promise to do something, then do it. Even if it’s something as seemingly small as following up from meeting someone at a networking event like this: it all counts.’

Stocking was welcomed and thanked by MT’s features editor Emma De Vita, who highlighted the importance of young women’s vote in the forthcoming general election. ‘The shame is that more column inches are spent analysing Samantha Cameron’s dress sense or Sarah Brown’s taste in accessories than pulling apart the Tories’ or Labour’s family and women policies.’

The conversation flowed, as did the champagne. The deadline for nominations is next week, so if you want to nominate someone for the 2010 list, please email features editor Emma De Vita at Your nomination should include a biog, an outline of job responsibilities and an explanation of why you think that the person merits nomination.


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MTs 35u35 - and Barbara Stocking - put their best foot forward at Reiss
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