MT's Risky Business Week: Dinesh Dhamija of ebookers

It's Risky Business week on MT. In our first interview, the travel site founder explains why taking risk is just part of business as usual.

by MT Staff
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013
This week, MT will be looking at the subject of risk, in a series of interviews with some of the UK’s best and brightest business leaders. Can businesses afford to respond to the financial sector’s casino mentality by playing safe? How do companies look for opportunities with a limited downside?

In our first interview, Dinesh Dhamija, the founder of travel site and a veteran of MT’s Top 100 entrepreneurs list, explains how us he’s made his fair share or mistakes since he started out in business back in the 1970s – not least failing to predict the severity of the current recession.

Dhamija also says that while the UK’s recovery is proving longer and slower than anyone had anticipated, we’ve ‘taken our medicine’, and it’s now time to sit back and wait for it to work. ‘Innovation takes time, it doesn’t happen overnight,’ he points out.

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