MT's Risky Business Week: Steve Green of Zurich

In our second video of the week, we get an insurer's take on risk. Steve Green explains why businesses are focusing more on cost than risk.

by MT Staff
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013
It’s day two of MT’s Risky Business week, and we’ve got an interview with Zurich’s European middle-market network leader, Steve Green, who tells us why some surprising research by the insurance company has shown that manufacturers are less put off by lack of credit, and more by a lack of opportunities to expand.

Green also explains why the downturn hasn’t necessarily meant that businesses have scrimped on their insurance costs – but there has been a trend for businesses to go for plainer packages with fewer frills. ‘We’re seeing a lot more focus on cost,’ he says.

As an insurer, points out Green, Zurich is well-versed in taking a practical approach to risk. ‘We take risk all the time,’ he explains. ‘It has to be well-managed and understood.’

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