MT's Risky Business Week: Steve Moore of SMC

In MT's final video of the week, AV expert Steve Moore describes how he accidentally started his business - and why he only worries about things within his control.

by MT Staff
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013
In our final video this week, SMC’s Steve Moore, the man who put together Mick Jagger’s stereo system, explains why even though he quit university to start his business, it didn’t feel like he was taking a risk. ‘We more or less sleep-walked into running a business,’ he says. ‘We didn’t focus on the financials’.

He goes on to describe why it’s important for managers to be able to identify their talents, and delegate things they’re not as good at. ‘One shouldn’t worry about things outside of one’s control.’

Finally, he talks about SMC’s expansion overseas – and why it’s important to be extra-vigilant when you’re working abroad. ‘The issues are the same, but one needs to add a layer of risk-management,’ he says.

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