MT's Saunders a winner

MT deputy editor Andrew Saunders wins the Feature of the Year gong at the WorkWorld Media Awards...

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

His winning entry was his profile of LibDem deputy leader, Treasury spokesman and ‘Sage of the Downturn’ Vince Cable from MT’s September 2008 issue. Coming as it did in the month when the global markets went into meltdown, the in-depth 3,500 word piece – described by the judges as ‘’very nicely turned’ - could hardly have been better timed. Cable’s star has been in the ascendant ever since, and Saunders hopes his own will now follow a similar stellar trajectory. He will be updating his CV to include the tag ‘Award-winning journalist’ and expects to start work on his autobiography very soon. 

Other WorkWorld winners, in a year where the entries were dominated by tales of the economic woe, included the BBC’s Robert Peston (who won an unprecedented two gongs, for his blog and for being broadcast news journalist of the year), The Economist’s Jonathan Rosenthal and Faisal Islam from Channel Four News.

Now in their 22nd year, the WorkWorld Media Awards afford a rare opportunity for business journalists from all branches of the media – TV, Radio, national press, online and magazines – to go head-to-head, and featured a distinguished panel of judges headed by the Work Foundation’s Will Hutton.

The trophy will join an impressive array of past and current wins in MT's cabinet (or rather, on its window sill), including several PPA Magazine of the Year awards, Watson Wyatt HR journalism gongs and of course editor Gwyther’s five BSME editor of the year accolades. So you can be confident that MT is written by winners, for winners…

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MT's Saunders a winner

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