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In the news this week: the wrong job, the wrong chairman, and the wrong way to impress Germans...

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Research out this week revealed that one in five of us are in the wrong job (cue suspicious glances around the five-strong MT editorial team), adding up to 132m wasted working years. Sounds like a Network Rail audit.

SocGen presumably wishes Jerome Kerviel had been in a different job - but the man himself clearly begs to differ, judging by his impending unfair dismissal claim against the French bank. UBS chairman Marcel Ospel may have been – he quit this week after his bank’s sub-prime losses ticked up to $37bn, with some (like Luqman Arnold) suggesting he’d taken on a few too many decision-making responsibilities. Alitalia chairman Maurizio Prato also fell on his sword this week, after the French-Dutch takeover bid met with a predictable fate. Perhaps their true calling is actually a job in CSR – that seems to pay rather well these days

Elsewhere Mothercare CEO Ben Gordon had a better week – he’s managed to boost sales at a time when many retailers are struggling. Perhaps, unlike Ospel, he’s one of those blessed with an Opposable Mind. However, the ire directed this week at Sir Stuart Rose, one of our most admired business leaders, shows that it doesn’t take long to go from hero to zero in the corporate jungle. Publisher Bloomsbury, which has seen its fortunes transformed (or should that be transfigured?) by the now-defunct Harry Potter series, may soon find this out to its cost.

Another high-profile figure who’s taken a beating this week (and this time he wasn’t paying for it, boom boom) was FIA president Max Mosley, who is under pressure to quit after a tabloid accused him of Nazi-themed bondage sessions with prostitutes. At least he can afford to drown his sorrows (research out this week showed that people earning over £1,000 a week are the nation’s biggest boozers). And besides, it could be worse: he could have a Birmingham accent.

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