Murdoch has a senior moment

Quote of the day: 'I have nothing to do with Sky News' - It must be lovely being a multi-millionaire like Rupert Murdoch: if a tweet this morning is anything to go by, it seems to mean you occasionally forget you own parts of your news empire.

by Emma Haslett
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013
… or perhaps not: the tweet is actually thought to allude to new rules issued by Sky News concerning Twitter use. According to guidance issued to its journalists yesterday, it’s against the rules for to link to any articles that aren’t on Sky News, and to tweet about subjects that aren’t to do with work. That’s a heavy clamp-down, particularly for a company that’s been thought of as particularly embracing of social media. Although Sky insists it’s about maintaining standards. ‘Do not retweet information posted by other journalists or people on Twitter. Such information could be wrong and has not been through the Sky News editorial process,’ it said. Can that be applied to cat videos, too?

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