Nearly 200 public servants are paid more than David Cameron

Stat of the day: 199. The number of public servants that are paid more than the Prime Minister.

by Rebecca Burn-Callander
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

As the top dog in the land, you'd expect David Cameron to earn a salary to match. But it turns out that 199 public servants take home a heftier wage packet than the PM.

At last count, Cameron earns £142,500 per annum, a meagre sum when compared to other European Premiers. Nicolas Sarkozy, for example, snaffles $302,435 a year, while German Chancellor Angela Merkel takes home $303,800.

So who are these super-salaried servants? Treasury minister Danny Alexander is keeping schtum. All he will say is that he's reduced the number of people topping the PM's wage significantly over the past year. 'I now personally sign off any new pay above £142,000, the equivalent of the Prime Minister,' he says. 'This is a vital deterrent to ever higher pay at the top of the public sector. I can and do reject them if I think they are too high.

'Since May 2010 in 83 like-for-like cases which sought my approval, pay was lowered in 45 cases, frozen in a further 23, saving more than £1m a year for the taxpayer,' he adds. 'This includes a £100,000 cut in the pay for the new chief executive of Royal Mail.'

The message here is clear. If you want to get ahead in the political salary stakes, Alexander's the man to cosy up to...


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