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what are the government’s post brexit immigration plans and how should your business prepare?

The white paper outlines plans for high skilled work visas.  FT (paywall)

The truth about corporate transformations

Research reveals success lies in far more than simply cutting costs. MIT Sloan

The UK has ambitions to create the world’s first zero-carbon heavy industry cluster by 2040

The government is seeking industry partners to help raise up to £170m of funding. Supply Management


India to overtake UK in IMF global economic rankings

Britain will fall to seventh place in 2019 as emerging markets continue to increase their GDP. FT (paywall)

What were the top innovations of 2018?

Spoons made out of seaweed, fear vanquishing VR and lights that replace Wi-Fi are some of this year's more revolutionary and potentially disruptive products. Springwise

How to solve the post Brexit skills shortages

Companies are relying on academic partnerships and satellite offices to mitigate the potential talent drain after Britain leaves the EU. People Management


Government will make businesses take greater responsibility over their own waste

The new Resources and Waste Strategy will see producers pay the full cost of processing packaging and higher fees for using materials that are harder to recycle. UK Gov

What are the tech trends for 2019?

Next year will see the changing use of AI, the rise of tech for good and a move beyond blockchain. FleishmanHillard Fishburn

What does an inspirational company look like?

If you want to hire and inspire great candidates and employees, you need to set new standards in culture and leadership. CMI


New legislation to upgrade workers rights

The Good Work plan will provide extended holiday pay rights, increased fines and ban the Swedish derogation loophole. BEIS

How corporate rules are changing corporate gifting

Have stricter controls signalled the death of the luxury christmas hamper. FT (paywall)

Why your growth starts and ends with your business model

It’s tempting to think that tech underpins success, but not at the expense of business basics. HBR (paywall)


Do these cognitive biases affect your ability to make decisions?

Human brains are hardwired to make mistakes.The World Economic Forum

How to reduce organisational complexity

Less complexity can lead to greater resilience, competitive advantage and increased profit. Mckinsey

Why investment doesn't have to be selfish

Impact investment is no longer on the fringe of mainstream finance: many City names are desperate to tap into it. FT (paywall)


Why the future of the electric car is in China

The country already produces as many electric cars as the rest of the world combined and it’s not stopping there. Quartz

Rolls Royce seals $300 Lebanon deal

It highlights a growing opportunity for British Businesses in the Middle East. UK Gov

The benefit of human networks

How an emphasis on business wide social interactions can help companies solve tangible problems.  Strategy + Business

Why Brexit is causing turmoil for the pound and other markets

Continued uncertainty is bad for sterling and ultimately bad for businesses. The Conversation



What businesses need to know about Brazil’s new president

The controversial Jair Bolsonaro has an appetite for pension reform that might revitalise the national economy. HBR (paywall)

The importance of narrative in Innovation

If you want faster sales growth than your competition, articulate a clear and compelling story. MIT Sloan (paywall)

Copyright law does not protect the taste of products

A ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union could have implications on how certain products are copyrighted. The Conversation


What does a cashless society look like?

Cash is on the decline so businesses might need to reassess how they handle payments. BBC

Do you need to rethink your supply chain?

Swings in labor and energy costs are reducing the competitive gap between global manufacturing markets. BCG

The key to global ggrowth for retailers

This report details how some of the UK’s most successful brands have found growth abroad. Retail Gazette


Amazon targets London for its first UK store

It’s a tough time for brick and mortar retail, but Amazon’s decision to enter the high street suggests that it is far from dead. Retail Gazette

New measures to tackle international money laundering

In a bid to crack down on financial crime, the government has amended the way that Limited Partnerships and Scottish Limited Partnerships have to file their accounts. BEIS

How to increase your chances of landing a ‘mega deal’

In some B2B sectors, 1-2% of deals can make 40% of annual revenues. But how can you turn a one-off success into a pattern? McKinsey

Why is Indonesia so enthusiastic to trade?

The country’s President has iterated the nation’s desire to fight for free trade.  World Economic Forum

£300m private sector investment is set rejuvenate Blackpool’s Golden Mile

The council say it could make the city a ‘world class’ tourist attraction. Property Week

Why Your Next Deal May Be a Partnership

The number of strategic alliances and joint ventures is on the rise globally. Strategy + Business


Where are the most dynamic European tech hubs?

The annual report shows that the UK is again leading the way. Atomico

The advantages of project-based leadership

Breakthroughs come from teams driven to solve a collective challenge. Strategy + Business

How to ensure new positions are a success

The modern world has seen rise of new positions like Sustainability Manager, but this research shows that it is execution that counts.   HBR (paywall)


How to build a Scaleable organisation

Serial entrepreneur Arjun Sethi examines what can be learned from the 'people platforms' of Facebook and Amazon. Medium

The US is still a land of opportunity for British companies

Legal & General CEO Nigel Wilson makes the case for westward expansion. The Telegraph (premium)

Why social media doesn't tell the whole story of your brand

It's important to listen to offline as well as online conversations, especially if you're selling a high-end product. MIT Sloan Review of Management (paywall)


Spain’s ambitious green energy plan

Does Britain need an energy plan as ambitious as Spain’s proposals? Of course success is a different matter. FT (paywall)

The rise and potential of sonic branding

Sound is playing an increasing role in the marketing strategies of some of the world’s biggest brands. BBC

Does HMRC’s relationship with large businesses need a reset?

The CBI calls for greater collaboration and integration between the workload of businesses and HMRC. CBI


New funding for British businesses to work with Israeli companies

UK businesses can apply for a share of up to £1 million to partner with Israeli companies and combine innovation expertise to target global markets. Innovate UK

UK to maintain its position in influencing European standards

European Standards Organizations have agreed an arrangement that secures BSI’s full membership post-Brexit. MEMUK

How Mexico can become Latin America's digital government powerhouse

Mexico’s digital efforts thus far have been laudable. But higher ambitions could fuel productivity and economic growth and boost the country’s GDP by 7 to 15 percent. McKinsey


How to tap into Brazil’s Gen Z

What does Brazil’s young generation want and what does it mean for companies looking to expand there? McKinsey

These are the management books you need in 2019

The shortlist for the CMI's Management Book of the year has been announced. CMI

The global Geography of Start-ups and Innovation

Silicon Valley used to be the centre of the global start-up ecosystem, but that is slowly changing. HBR (paywall)

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