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What do the next 20 years mean for jobs and how should we prepare?

More tech could lead to a rethink of education, changing protections for workers and an emphasis on flexibility. World Economic Forum

Are we getting customer feedback wrong?

It may be more time consuming, but the benefits of meeting your customers face to face are worth it. HBR

Should businesses put purpose before profit?

Investors are increasingly challenging Friedman’s principle that shareholders come first. FT (paywall)


How to ensure a successful transition

Passing projects between departments often leads to the death of innovation, here’s how to avoid it. Strategy + Business

The benefits of letting employees speak their mind

Companies that encourage employees to speak out make better decisions. The Economist (paywall)

How can we make British businesses more productive

More ambitious companies and an economic model that promotes competition could help to improve the UK’s output.

FT (paywall)



How Alibaba is planning to reinvent retail

The company wants to merge traditional department stores with digital platforms. Could this model help ease the burden on British shops? Quartz (paywall)

Should businesses prepare for tougher pay reporting legislation?

Responses to a government consultation have called for ethnicity pay reporting and for businesses to publish action plans for reducing pay gaps. People Management

Are your high expectations hurting your team?

Setting unreasonable targets can be counter productive. HBR (paywall)


Why the maturing of the smartphone is a good thing

The market for smartphones reaches is peaking, but it enables other products to come to the fore. The Economist (paywall)

What employers should talk about more

Menopause discrimination is a real thing. Here’s how bosses can help. The Conversation

Could this help businesses in Britain?

A province in China is extending the weekend to get shoppers spending, in a bid to counter the countries slowing economy. BBC


Labour proposes a shake up of UK regulators

The report includes proposals to introduce a 'pyramid structure' and moves to prevent bodies appointing members with vested interests. FT (paywall)

Madagascar: the world's next outsourcing hotspot?

Superfast broadband speeds, a favourable time zone and the French language has seen the county's BPO sector flourish. Quartz

How Robots will change the C-Suite

The rise of the machines won't replace humans, but bosses will have adapt their job roles to lead a new type of workforce. Strategy + Business


Inside the world’s most technological manufacturers

Earth’s highest performing factories have greater connectivity, create engaged workers and have embraced technology at scale. Mckinsey

What to expect from the global economy in 2019

How the next year could playout for Europe, USA and China in ten economic forecasts. World Economic Forum

Can employee wellbeing programmes go too far?

There is nothing wrong with employers offering a bit of fitness coaching. But nobody wants their boss to turn into a stalker. The Economist (paywall)


Can we be optimistic about financial scandals?

The data shows that when it comes to business scandals, it could be so much worse. FT (paywall)

Why innovation needs an ecosystem to thrive

World-class innovation hubs have five key stakeholders. MIT Sloan

How to manage when the future is unclear

The best managers find ways to provide steady, realistic direction and to lead with excellence, even when the strategy isn’t clear. HBR (paywall)


What world class communicators do differently

Three lessons from neuroscience. Mission.org (via Medium)

Manchester United opens experience centres in China

Football clubs are using interactive and immersive events to grow their brand in new markets. Can businesses use a similar approach to capitalise on new opportunities? FT (paywall)

The reality behind innovative companies

Companies have too much focus on the positive sides of innovative cultures and too little understanding of the difficult truths behind sustained innovation. HBR (podcast)


Cybersecurity and privacy are converging: here’s why you should care

Shifts in the world of data privacy and security could have profound impacts on businesses. HBR (paywall)

How to succeed in business by being contrarian

Research suggests that leaders who look beyond their irrational biases can stay one step ahead of their competitors. The Conversation

Everything you need to know about 5G

We hear a lot about the coming of the fifth generation of cellular mobile communications - but what actually is it? Businesses should start thinking about how they can take advantage. Wired


Why the world is actually becoming a better place

It’s easy to get caught up in the doom mongering, but there are many reasons to be optimistic. The Conversation

3 questions CEOs should ask if they want to grow faster than the market

The most successful leaders are deliberate, persistent and disciplined in their approach to growth. McKinsey

What businesses can learn from this budget airline pioneer

A tonic of reduced complexity, fastidious employee engagement and wide reading helped the SouthWest Airlines founder create a business model that was both disruptive and robust. FT (paywall)


The surprising opportunities in the world's low income economies

As the gap closes between the world’s poorest and richest consumers, companies that innovate to appeal to both can reap the rewards. Strategy + Business

What you should consider during periods of business transformation

Companies looking to reassess their operations post brexit are legally obliged to ensure they have received the correct consultation. People Management

Whitbread launches the UK’s first battery powered hotel

It is estimated that the lithium ion battery could shave up to £20,000 off the Edinburgh hotel's annual energy bill. BBC


Have you fostered an overwork culture?

Effective leaders do not have to be endurance athletes. FT (paywall)

Video games now account for half of the UK entertainment industry

A report by the Entertainment Retailers Association shows that the industry value has more than doubled since 2007. BBC

How Asia is shaping the future of retail

Half of all retail growth is expected to come from Asia within the next five years. Bain & Company


New executive pay measures come into force

All listed companies with over 250 staff now have to disclose executive pay and how it relates to the pay of the average worker. BEIS

What is the board’s role in setting business strategy?

Should boards play an active part in setting company policy, or simply approbate the plans put forward by management? HBR (paywall)

inside the world's fastest growing ecommerce market

Online sales in South Korea grew by 22% during 2018. Though highly competitive, it presents significant opportunities for British firms. FT (paywall)

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