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“If you see images of people smiling over smoothies, what you’re seeing is marketing”

Burnout, a billion-dollar tech brand and why Bruce Daisley left Twitter. The New Statesman

Inbox Zero: Why you’re doing it wrong

From the man who coined it. Inc via Medium

How AI will change the role of the executive

C-suite job specs will evolve but that’s not a bad thing, says this archive piece. Mckinsey


The world has another trillion-dollar company

Alphabet becomes the fourth US tech firm to hit 13 figures. The Guardian

JP Morgan shows there’s still money in banking

Who knew? FT

Is your workplace paranoid?

Here’s what to do when trust is a commodity. INSEAD Knowledge


Primark's new store push prompts sales rise

The retailer has been one of the high street’s recent success stories.Telegraph

Guidelines for how to handle sexual harassment 

New guidance for bosses. Equality and Human Rights Commision 

How to manage without being the smartest person in the room

Leaders no longer define job roles. MIT Sloan


Michelin stars and the fallacy of excellence

There’s no way to be truly objective in our assessment of other’s work. Quartz

Amazon’s $1bn Indian investment

Bezos has his sights set on a new growth market. BBC

Upskilling is critical, but that doesn’t mean you’re doing it right

Training needs to be scalable. Fast Company


You learn a lot about a boss by how they act on holiday

When disaster hits, don’t just sit there and do nothing. FT

Gambling on credits cards to be banned

In an attempt to tackle problem gambling. BBC

What next for BrewDog?

It's come a long way from its roots in a dilapidated shed, but the cult brewer is still a minnow compared to mega-brewers. Forbes


A Prussian general and the art of presence of mind

How to prepare your brain to think creatively. Strategy + Business

How to achieve domination selling wizards and orcs

Lessons from the country’s best-performing FTSE 250 retailer. The Conversation

"Online shopping is sort of like a duck"

The secret behind free shipping. The Atlantic


You can’t just ban plastics

We need to find the right solution, urge retailers. Supply Management

The fourth industrial revolution is just a concept

Who really shapes the future? The Conversation

Drop the team building exercises

A management manifesto for the next year. The Economist


IKEA has brought a shopping mall

In its push towards city centres. FT

John Lewis may ditch staff bonus for first time in 67 years

As department store MD Paula Nickolds leaves. The Guardian

Why we’re all workaholics

Our desire to escape the ‘death drive’ stops us from slowing down. UnHerd


Only 13 per cent of firms that underpay workers are caught

And it’s not only small businesses breaking the law. The Guardian

The return of the corporate raider

Investor activism is enjoying a renaissance, and bosses are worried. BBC

A sloping toilet might get staff back to their desks...

But micromanagement won’t drive productivity. CityAM


"Battery farms for humans"

The dark side of the modern workplace design. FT

What to do when an employee comes to you with personal problems

Studies show that helping colleagues with issues can take an emotional toll on managers, but it’s a vital skill to have. HBR

Finland to trial a shorter working week

But how effective is it in practice. Quartz


The debate on whether to introduce a weekend

The five-day work week is a relatively modern phenomenon. The Conversation

Crossrail won’t open until 2021

The project was supposed to be finished over a year ago. City AM

The three leadership trends of 2020

Employee experience will reign supreme. Forbes


The business case for a 'simplification month'

New Year, new you. Strategy + Business

10 ways to sleep better 

Restless nights undermine performance. The Telegraph

'Penalised for being successful'

Hotel Chocolat’s CEO is calling for retailer rent cuts. Retail Gazette


The vegan sausage roll has a successor

Greggs is doubling down on its meat-free success. The Guardian

The impossible task of picking the best leaders

Is financial performance really all that counts? FT

How to break old habits 

There’s a wrong way and a right way to get things done. HBR

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