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Why teams still need leaders

A little hierarchy goes a long way. MIT Sloan Review of Management

Businesses need to make the case for capitalism

The free market is no longer considered essential, and private sector leaders should take heed, argues this opinion piece. City AM

Could cannabis factories revitalise the North?

It’s one idea mooted by an MP after a trip to Canada. The Week


We’ve already used up Earth’s resources for 2019

Humanity consumes 1.75 times more than is sustainable. Forbes

Do happy employees deliver better results?

The two are correlated, but there’s a debate about which causes which. The Economist

Supply chain audits aren’t fit for purpose

Companies regularly fail to find abuses in supplier facilities. Supply Management


Are we approaching peak ecommerce?

Even Amazon is starting to scale back on certain products as online retail’s market share growth slows. The Conversation

3 ways to create a strong leadership culture

The choices you make on pay and progression can have powerful repercussions. Strategy+Business

"Stealth" executive coaching

And other ideas from eight of the UK’s top management thinkers. People Management


The best candidates work part-time in McDonalds, say recruiters

If so why do City firms still have a problem with elitism? Evening Standard

Bye bye Marmite?

Marketers will need to find a new raison d'etre if the brand is to remain part of Unilever’s long term growth. The Guardian

How to know if you’ve got a good idea

This research proposes a cost-benefit analysis approach to idea selection. HBR


What can we expect from the new chancellor?

Sajid Javid is a Thatcher superfan and former investment banker. BBC

Business lessons from the dark web 

Far from being the domain of fringe cybercriminals, the underbelly of the internet has its own sophisticated value chain. MIT Sloan Review of Management 

Caxton relocates its HQ from New York to London

The largely symbolic move of one of the world’s most influential hedge funds has been influenced by a weaker pound sterling. FT


Work drinks are becoming a thing of the past

 More companies are changing their drinking policies in the wake of #MeToo. FT

Making executives care about the environment, in five steps

Management teams reluctant to change are a significant barrier to sustainability. Tying it to their pay could help. HBR

How to run a successful innovation lab

Many are set up to fail. Nesta


When is it too hot for business as usual?

The TUC is calling for firms to adopt flexible working and casual dress code during the summer heat wave. BBC 

So you think you’re open minded? 

If you want you ideas to be broad, imagine them as a hypothesis that needs to be proven. The Washington Post

Tax payers could pay upfront for new nuclear plants, says government 

Regulated Asset Base models can make major infrastructure projects cheaper for developers. The Guardian


Women’s football is big business

As the game grows, more and more brands are going head-to-head to score shirt sponsorship. The Economist

London’s productivity is a myth

A doctor in Clapham does not work harder than one in Merthyr Tydfil, so does regional policy need a rethink? The Guardian 

When to bet on new technologies

High growth companies know how to spot tipping points, and forecast against them. Bain & Company


How do we decide who to trust?

Trust is a hallmark of high-performing firms, but we’ve only just begun to understand the biology behind it. Harvard Business Review

Charity shops are saving retail

Second-hand bargains and antiques are behind the recent boom in retail sales. Reuters 

Uber publishes a ‘safety case’ framework for self-driving cars

The firm wants the rest of the industry to follow suit. Quartz


FCA admits that it doesn't understand its own rules

The City regulator has come under increasing pressure after recent scandals. The Guardian

The real impact of enterprise zones 

The initiative was relaunched to bring economic growth to underdeveloped areas. But how effective have they been? Centre for Cities

Why downtime might keep you in a job

Machines don’t have the luxury of letting their mind wander. MIT Sloan Management Review


Late-paying firms will be banned from public contracts

New rules will come into force from September. The Telegraph

Why this publisher is ditching print

Pearson wants its customers to stop buying paper textbooks. BBC

The mad world of job ads

Who needs a call-centre ninja anyway? The Economist


Are kitchens Britain’s most toxic workplace?

A diet of long hours and intense pressure is leaving many chefs with health problems. The Guardian

The office loo is more important than you think

You can learn a lot about a company from its toilets. FT

How to find your organisation’s story

Return to your past if you want to establish common bonds between people. Strategy + Business


The destructive impact of mass redundancy

Laying off staff has a long lasting psychological and financial toll, for both the individual and the organisation. Quartz at Work

Government launches consultation into sick pay

Up to 2 million more workers could become eligible for statutory sick pay if the plans are implemented. BBC

You should start preparing for a recession

The yield curve tends to be an accurate economic indicator, and it’s pointing to a depression. The Conversation


Why Sainsbury’s is opening an alcohol-free pub

Entry is £5. Campaign

Your next hire: Professional dungeon master

This role-play game is enjoying something of a renaissance, allowing businesses to cash in. Bloomberg Businessweek

Amazon to teach employees to cope with robots

The giant aims to retrain 100,000 workers whose jobs are under threat from automation, by 2025. The Telegraph


The £435m station no one wants to build

HS2 has said it will rethink the procurement process for Curzon Street station. City AM

Do you really know where your cash comes from?

There can be a significant gap between how a company thinks it spends its money and how it does. Mckinsey

France approves digital tech tax

It affects any digital company with revenues over €750m that generates at least €25m in the country. BBC


Investors revolt over Véronique Laury’s pay

Shareholders are unhappy about the outgoing Kingfisher boss’ £522,000 bonus. Retail Gazette

The real toll of zero-hour contracts

Insecure workers regularly suffer from mental and physical stress. The Conversation

Calling for a new type of cross-sector partnership

Collaboration between business, government and civil groups is nothing new, but to be more effective it needs a more structured model. Nesta


You’re more likely to burnout if you love what you do

Purpose driven people find it harder to step away. Harvard Business Review

Virgin Galactic could go public

Richard Branson has reportedly agreed a deal with a former Facebook executive. The Guardian

Eon UK switches to 100 per cent renewable energy

The provider will move its 3.3m residential customers to green sources. FT


We need to talk about dyslexia at work

In Ireland the condition is recognised under disability law, and therefore requires reasonable adjustments. BBC

The benefits of the office book club

Helping people to explore the ‘human experience’ makes better people, and bottom line performance. The Point

Unilever relaunch ‘extra old’ Marmite

The limited edition Marmite XO was first released ten years ago. The Guardian


Can entrepreneurs revive the industrial north?

Nationwide enterprise policies need to be applied locally. The Conversation

These companies are using wearables to monitor employee wellbeing

Studies suggest that workers are open to giving a small amount of data to their employer in return for advice on financial health.  City AM

Which companies have the best culture?

A new AI-powered tool ranks businesses on measures such as collaboration, agility and innovation. MIT Sloan Review of Management


The cloud could cause "catastrophic failure" in the financial system

New technologies bring big benefits but also, some argue, profound risks. The Daily Telegraph

An antidote to micromanagement

This simple question could save you a lot of time. Better Marketing via Medium

Businesses may be forced to publish climate risks

The government is considering ways to use governance to fight global warming.  Reuters


Calls for a New Green Deal for Britain

Sadiq Khan hopes it will move climate change discussions "past talk and towards action". edie

What is nimble leadership?

Companies that want to improve product success and boost employee engagement should take note. HBR

How to deal with the "inevitability" of a professional decline

What goes up must come down. The Atlantic


Businesses face mandatory climate reporting 

Ministers are exploring plans to introduce measures that could force listed firms and pension funds to disclose their environmental impact by 2022. FT

3 mistakes to avoid when talking about company culture

If you want to change behaviour, your message needs to be authentic. Harvard Business Review

The "dark-triad" of leadership

Bosses displaying these traits might have an antisocial personality disorder. Dr Cameron Sepah (via Medium)


The pros and cons of letting robots into the workplace

Staff at Siemens have been designing themselves into the factory. The Guardian

How to turn mundane presentations into extraordinary experiences

People are engaged by emotion, not just statistics. Forbes

Customers can now switch phone provider by text

The new Ofcom changes intend to make it easier to move between companies. BBC

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