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Britain’s biggest theme park will open by 2024

London Resort, a partnership between Kuwaiti developers and Paramount Pictures, has been dubbed Britain's answer to Disneyland. The Telegraph

The internet companies are killing the internet

These Google changes could have dire consequences for advertisers. Campaign 

Lessons from making colleagues speak to strangers?

Changing people’s habits is hard. Behavioural Insights Team


Ikea to start building homes

The joint venture with Swedish housebuilder Skanska, using factory built houses, is being seen as a way to bring down house prices and ease the UK’s housing crux. CNN 

A 3 step guide to becoming a better mentor

Establish what you offer and what you demand. Leon Purton (via Medium)

Why empowering women matters

In conversation with Melinda Gates. How to academy (event)


Why we’ll all be eating insects

The bug protein market could be worth £6bn by 2030. The Guardian

It’s official, women are better leaders than men

A US study shows that women score higher when ranked on leadership skills. HBR

Should you padlock the office fridge?

Thieves are prevalent in the workplace. BBC



Instagram targets retail

The business strategy could take up to a decade to fully develop. FT

Want to get better at public speaking?

Don’t try to memorise your speeches. Quartz

The case for young people in the boardroom

The average age of a UK non-exec director is 60. Retail Gazette


Time travel as a leadership tool

Temporal distancing, where you imagine yourself months after a problem has passed, helps reduce stress, identify risks and encourage constructive thinking. MIT Sloan Review of Management

The return of Toys ’R’ Us

The high-profile high street casualty is tentatively returning to the US with a bricks and clicks model, in a sign that you can’t keep a good brand down. Fast Company

Got questions about business finance?

Kelly Tolhurst the government’s minister for small business, and Keith Morgan, chief executive of the British Business Bank  are holding a teleconference this Thursday at 10am. The Entrepreneur’s Network


All you need to know about Facebook’s new cryptocurrency

This week the internet giant announced plans to introduce its own Libra coin. The Guardian

Charisma will only get you so far

"Whether it’s grace, power or purpose, true charisma isn’t just an appealing individual with whom we’d like to have a beer." Unherd

What it would take to build a fair society

Successful families are able to hoard opportunities, says economist Minouche Shafik. World Economic Forum



Self awareness means nothing without self management

Learning to move between the two is an important skill. Harvard Business Review

How voice controlled computers will disrupt your business

There’s a war on to embed AI driven speech in all manner of devices. Strategy + Business

Are you ‘woke washing’?

Unilever’s chief exec has a message for businesses that speak without action. The Guardian


A better way for manufacturers to recycle their waste energy?

Swansea University has developed a 3D printed device that helps factories turn heat into electricity. Springwise

1 in 3 countries have no law against workplace harassment

Is it time for international jurisprudence? FT

Is that promotion really necessary?

Success and happiness comes from sticking to what you’re good at. The Economist


Government crack down on exploitative firms

BEIS has announced plans to fine companies who overcharge or mislead loyal customers. BEIS

What can you learn from Air Malta’s remarkable turnaround?

The tiny airline has posted a profit for the first time in 18 years. BBC

Leisure will make you a better leader

Downtime helps you to recharge and, if your idea of leisure allows your mind wander (think walks in the forest, rather than death metal concerts), boosts your creativity. Other advantages include increasing your sociability and variability (your ability to adapt to change) - all critical advantages humans will have over the hyper-efficient robots we're repeatedly told will come for our jobs. MIT Sloan Review of Management


UK launches China share listing scheme

The Shanghai Stock Connect will let London listed companies sell shares in China (and vice versa). It is intended to deepen ‘global connectivity’. Reuters

What went wrong at Arcadia Group

Meagre investment has been in the wrong place. The Conversation

Your next meeting should be silent (mostly)

It’s important to make sure all information gets shared. Harvard Business Review


Breaking the mindfulness conspiracy

Is it our minds that need fixing or the systems we operate within? The Guardian

Your next c-suite hire?

There is a need for a role that intertwines employee and customer experience. Harvard Business Review

Should you let your employees withdraw their wage early?

Wagestream gives staff access to money as they earn it. BBC


Learn like a dolphin

This game improves team communication. Strategy + Business

The "unstoppable" growth of ecommerce is coming to an end

Many online activities are unprofitable. The Conversation

Is a medieval guild model the future of the gig-economy?

Tomorrow’s workers might take inspiration from the past. The Economist


UK manufacturing sector is ‘far larger’ than we thought

Official statistics detailing the sector’s contribution to national income are based on flawed figures. The Guardian

The rise of China’s tech giants

How Huawei and its ilk have grown their dominance. World Economic Forum

6 ways to nail M&A

Because mergers are hard to pull off. MIT Sloan Review


Pass on your guidance

Reflections of a mourning mentee. HBR

How the booksellers are fighting off Amazon

Devolving procurement powers to ‘local’ managers has helped Waterstones cut costs, but there’s more to it than giving the customer what they want. FT

Who would want to be a CEO?

It’s a hard life at the top. The Times


Make leadership development part of your strategy

The best organisations obsess over talent and capability. Mark Bragg (Via Medium)

Want to succeed? Have ‘range’

Evidence suggests that leaders who can call on a wide range of fields and experiences are better equipped to thrive than those that specialise in one field. Quartz

The sad decline of the sensible company name

Gone are the days of doing what it says on the tin. FT


Why is the car industry struggling?

It’s not just Brexit. BBC

A toxic culture can exist in any sector

Amnesty International shows that employee engagement won't improve unless the leadership is committed to creating a caring atmosphere. The Economist

What help is available for my business?

A reminder that there’s a raft of support for small businesses under the government’s Industrial Strategy. BEIS


Small companies might have to start reporting their gender pay gap

The Government Equalities Office is discussing proposals for the next stage of implementation. FT

Are we too worried about burnout?

The World Health Organisation now recognises work related burnout as a syndrome, but not all stress is bad stress. New York Times

Hubris will be your downfall

A history lesson from General Douglas MacArthur. Strategy + Business


What does a carbon-neutral organisation look like?

Forest Green Rovers FC is planning to build an all wood football stadium. Springwise

4 ways to become a more inclusive employer

Too many companies still hold back when it comes to hiring disabled people. Harvard Business Review

PWC to split its audit practice

The move will improve the quality and thoroughness of its service, says the Big Four firm which has come under increasing pressure over recent accounting scandals. FT


How to predict the next financial crisis

Nobel laureate and Yale Professor Robert Shiller has a track record of spotting economic meltdowns ahead of everyone else. Find out how. The How to Academy (Event)

Have people stopped buying because they have too much stuff?

Total retail sales fell by 2.7 per cent in May. The Telegraph

Don’t be afraid to lead yourself

The best leaders don’t wait for permission from others. Forbes


How to avoid arrival Fallacy

Success doesn't necessarily equate to happiness. New York Times

UK launches Impact Investing Institute

The organisation will not handle assets, but instead will aim to grow a burgeoning sector by helping investors create social value. Investment Week

eBay is the surprising new home for business loans

The online marketplace has partnered with Santander to launch Asto. FT

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