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Last Updated: 30 Nov 2018


What are the next big trends in advanced manufacturing?

This report highlights some of the next big opportunities and why you need to prepare for them. CB Insights

How fearless organisations succeed

Psychological safety isn’t the only path to success, but removing the fear of failure can promote innovation and growth. Strategy + Business

The threat of economic nationalism

A global survey found that 66% of manufacturers would potentially change their supply chains due to economic nationalism. Supply Management


Are Free Ports the future of British trade?

Teesside plans to host UK's first Free Port, offering customs-free imports. BBC

Could sci-fi lead to your company’s next innovation

Some of the world’s biggest companies are tapping into the power of science fiction to drive innovation. Brian Merchant (via Medium)

Number of UK work visas at highest level since 2009

British businesses are looking further afield for talent. People Management

Understanding Argentina and the G20

Buenos Aires hosts this year’s summit, but how has the country changed and what does it’s future hold? FT (paywall)


Britain agrees deal in principle to remain in trillion dollar procurement agreement

The Agreement on Government Procurement will help British businesses bid for global contracts. The Telegraph (paywall)

Had enough of experts? You might be onto something

It pays to be critical of expertise. MIT Sloan (paywall)

The overlooked business opportunity of Africa

Africa is a 1.2 billion–person market on the cusp of transformative growth. McKinsey


Increase in the proportion of British firms trading internationally

The latest figures show the proportion of UK registered companies doing business overseas increased from 13.7% to 14.3% during 2017.ONS

How ‘credibility-enhancing displays’ can boost sales

If you want people to do something, it’s best to practice what you preach. MIT

The promise of British fusion power

Oxfordshire is home to the world’s largest fusion reactor, the European JET project The Engineer


Game changing startups you should keep an eye on (or invest in)  

This report outlines 36 disruptors and trends that could emerge over the next year. CB Insights

JLR signs £4 billion worth of new UK contracts

The move comes despite repeated warnings that Brexit could impact the company’s future UK investment. Supply Management

Why you need soft targets

Hard targets are far easier to measure, but not everything that matters can be reduced to a simple number. Financial Times (paywall)


What you need to know about the Brexit political statement

A lawyer's perspective on how May’s 26 page document plays out from a legal perspective, and what it could mean in the future. The Conversation

How to make your business more agile

The Evolution of an agile organisation report outlines how businesses can adapt to rapid change. PA Consulting

Applications open for the UK investment support directory

The directory provides an opportunity for businesses looking to forge connections with foreign investors. DIT


What does a successful M&A turnaround look like?

Eight examples of best practice. BCG Henderson

How Managers should respond when bribes are business as usual

Entering new markets can increase the risk falling foul of corruption. Here’s how you can work ethically. HBR (paywall)

Does China’s Belt and Road Initiative pose a threat or an opportunity for British businesses?

As China reshapes Eurasian commerce, you should probably understand what it could mean for your business. How to Academy (Event)


Why scepticism is good for your business

Success can be built on relentless questioning. Strategy + Business

Chinese boost for UK manufacturers

China's sovereign wealth fund will partner with HSBC and Charterhouse capital to invest in the UK manufacturing sector. Reuters

Where are the next big renewable energy markets?

Analysts highlight 29 countries with opportunities in clean power. Greentech Media


The global opportunity of Sports stadiums

And how ambitious firms can take advantage. Construction News (paywall)

Can CEOs be political leaders?

Michael Skapinker argues that business and politics don't mix - do you agree? Financial Times (paywall)

The business case for rethinking capitalism

If government and business work together to create a ‘better’ capitalism, we can all reap the rewards. The Economist (paywall)


Boost to UK space industry

A joint venture between will see Airbus and Eutelsat invest up to £36 million a year to manufacture satellite equipment. The Telegraph

Why businesses should see an aging society as an opportunity not a challenge

Businesses are regularly overlooking the benefits of an aging workforce. Harvard Business Review (paywall)

Does opportunity lie in China’s belt road initiative?

Billions of dollars of investment will change the way the world does business with Eurasia.The Conversation


The opportunity of air taxis

The increasing global investment in 'air taxis' (as much giant drones as flying cars) could spur the development of an entirely new and lucrative transport sector. The Conversation

How to prevent bureaucratic inertia

Small networks or "tribes" allow the sharing of wisdom and the building of trust in larger organisations.  Leigh Whittaker (via Medium)

The regional risks of doing business around the world

Before you plan your international expansion, it pays to know what keeps the locals up at night. World Economic Forum

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