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RBS launches standalone digital bank

Bó is intended to compete with Monzo. The Guardian

Who is buying .org?

The web domain is popular among not-for-profits, but some have expressed concern over its proposed sale. FT

Cultivating gratitude

Team success doesn't just come through being results orientated. HBR 


A City firm is footing the bill for fertility treatment

Goldman Sachs joins and increasing number of companies offering the employee perk. Evening Standard

Primark owner faces investor revolt

Some shareholders have expressed concerns over Associated British Foods’ long-term bonus scheme. The Telegraph

Does putting employees on the board really improve long-term decision making

Worker representation is already company law in multiple european countries. The Conversation


The South dominates UK tech

London and the South East accounts for over half of the UK tech economy. UK Tech news

How to make friends with remote workers

Stronger communities create more engaged staff. Harvard Business Review

The rise of commercial drones

The global market is expected to soar tenfold over the next five years. FT


UK bank note printer "teetering on the brink"

De La Rue is accelerating its restructuring plan. BBC

Why companies are afraid to talk about men’s mental health

Men kill themselves at a rate 3.5 times higher than women. Quartz

Captain Underpants and what it can teach you about creativity

In two minutes. Fast Company


How female board appointments really work

There’s a tendency to increase the number of seats rather than power. Strategy + Business

Uber loses London licence 

The ride-hailing app will appeal the decision. The Guardian

What it actually takes to be a selfish leader

Celebrate win-win outcomes. Forbes


Something for the time poor CEO

Pre mortems, crowdsourcing and ditching the rigid diary can help you unclog your time. FT

More tech troubles for TSB

The latest It glitch comes a week after the bank apologised for last years outage. CityAM

You should stop using passwords

They weren’t even designed for the internet. World Economic Forum


A bad day for Royal Mail investors

Despite posting its best revenues for five years. The Telegraph

Learning lessons from IBM in Nazi Germany

The responsibilities of businesses that have had dealings with reprehensible regimes. Harvard Business Review

Younger employees are more likely to stand up for women in the workplace

And intervene if they see inappropriate behaviour. BBC


Investigating the "culture of fear" at the Big Four

Accountancy firms have a harassment problem. FT

Migrants are spotting gaps that others might miss

Helping refugees into business. The Economist

Lidl unveils living wage increase

19,000 staff will see their hourly rate rise to match the voluntary measure. The Guardian


How to make it to the c-suite and stay there

It's about playing the long game. MIT Sloan

Who said package holidays were dead?

EasyJet  is hoping to fill the void left by Thomas Cook. The Guardian

Can machine learning reshape retail? 

Data has long played a part in customer interactions. UK Tech News


John Lewis has a new store concept

It’s hoped that "experience playgrounds" will reinvent stores. The Guardian

How to be okay with people not liking you

The importance of a thick skin and confronting discomfort. Fast Company

Big tech is entering the housing market

The rise of Silicon Valley has created a housing crisis. BBC


The people still using floppy disks

The technology has an endearing legacy. The Telegraph

Labour wants to part nationalise BT

As part of plans to provide free broadband to everyone. The Guardian 

The pain of the video conference

Dialling in is the new norm for businesses. The Economist


Google moves into banking

The tech giant is planning to launch a current account. BBC

The downside of office communities

"Belonging" isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. FT

What you can learn from niche companies 

Understand how specialist businesses succeed. Strategy + Business


A "step change" in female board representation

Women hold 32.4 per cent of FTSE 100 board positions. The Independent

Making excuses holds you back

Do you agree? Forbes

How to make AI more human

Algorithms currently decide whose voices are heard. HBR


Why It Matters What Colour You Paint The Office Walls

Environment can have an emotional and psychological effect on staff. Quartz

Alibaba made $1bn in 68 seconds

During a record breaking singles day. The Telegraph

13 stories about failure

And what you can learn. New Scientist


British Steel to be rescued

China's Jingye Group has agreed a £70m deal in principle. BBC

How do you decide who gets laid off?

KPMG’s Tim Jones has an unenviable task. FT

Why Big Tech could be the death of the economy

Often the villains of an economic downturn are of the heroes of the preceding boom. The Guardian


Female employees banned from wearing glasses

Company dress codes have caused controversy in Japan. BBC

"Complaints should never be aired in public"

Huawei’s CEO has spoken out after employee complaints over working hours went viral. Abacus

A memo to chief execs 

About diversity and inclusion. The Economist


Have City traders finally had enough?

Association heads are pushing for cuts to working hours. BBC

The bad side of electric vehicles

We are unprepared to cope with the buildup of batteries. New Scientist (paywall)

Are men really more competitive than women?

This study says so. HBR


Will we really get rid of chairs?

What the office could look like in 2050. FT

Giving staff shares improves retention

How to help employees share your profits. People Management

October sees "worse period of contraction" since 2009

IHS’s Purchasing Managers Index shows stagnant growth. The Independent


Facebook’s new look

The social network has had a rebrand of sorts. BBC

The productivity trap explained

These mental mistakes make you feel like you haven’t achieved anything. HBR

Should Steve Easterbrook have been fired?

A blanket ban on chain-of-command relationships does little to help the rest of the workforce. The Guardian


The Tories have copied Silicon Valley

Johnson has certainly moved fast and broken things. The Economist

Is overwork an addiction? 

How to overcome workaholism. Fast Company

Mothercare is in trouble

The 79 store retailer has announced plans to appoint administrators. Retail Gazette


How to teach the "soft skill that every company wants"

Critical thinking can be learned. World Economic Forum

Do you have too much to do?

A podcast in how to handle heavy workloads. Harvard Business Review

The company secret that’s a sure sign of success

It’s rumoured that algorithms aren't the only thing that Silicon Valley firms like to keep quiet. Quartz

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