The new leadership paradigm is multilateral

Business leaders are much less certain about the future. They no longer feel that they can solve the big issues such as environmental risk on their own.

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Last Updated: 23 Jul 2013

Nor can they rely on governments to manage the big policy questions of the day. The public sector has to grapple with complex issues that are hard to find solutions to, such as new economic uncertainties and the rising costs of healthcare.

One of the major reasons for the current difficulties is that the enormous rise in communications density between people and organisations across the world which has created a new complexity.

To navigate their way through, leaders will need to operate within a more multilateral system and know how to intervene and influence others in a larger system they do not control.

This 'megacommunity' consists of organisations and people (some of whom are normally competitors) who come together around a 'compelling issue of mutual importance'. It is neither a public-private partnership nor is it a business initiative.

It is an ongoing sphere of interest involving governments, corporations, NGOs and others working together to find solutions to mutual problems.

Source: The Megacommunity Manifesto
Mark Gerencser, Fernando Napolitano and Reginald Van Lee
Strategy + Business 16th August 2006   
Review by Morice Mendoza

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