New logo fails to raise a Yahoo!

The first revamp of Yahoo's logo in 18 years has, predictably, been panned.

by Gabriella Griffith
Last Updated: 16 Jan 2014

Marissa Mayer was starting to look like she could do no wrong. But with the redesign of the Yahoo logo, revealed this week, critics are saying she’s finally stumbled (probably over the newly tilted exclamation mark which has emerged as the star of the show).
Yes, Mayer revealed to the world yesterday that a 9-degree angle on one’s exclamation mark equates to ‘whimsy’. Who knew? Thank goodness Yahoo’s blonde saviour is here to tell us all how to add a bit of fun into our typography. Graphic design lecturers the world over will be furiously making changes to their lesson plans.

‘We knew we wanted a logo that reflected Yahoo – whimsical, yet sophisticated,’ chirped Mayer.
‘Modern and fresh, with a nod to our history. Having a human touch, personal. Proud…Our last move was to tilt the exclamation point by 9 degrees, just to add a bit of whimsy.’
So, what has changed about the logo? Well, not a lot. It’s still purple and it still has that infernal exclamation mark.
The new logo has been met with flagrant disappointment among the world’s tech commentators. 'She could have done so much more! Changed it a little! Revolutionised the troubled brand!'

But she didn’t.
The grand reveal has come following '30 days of change’, during which Yahoo published an unsuccessful reworking of the logo to the excited masses each day. Oh the joy.
Looks like Mayer may be flicking back through those rejected designs to find one we might actually like. Although actually, having seen them, that’s not an option either.

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