Nine astonishingly bad secret Santa gifts

'Tis the season to be jolly - unless you've just received a pack of sock savers, at which point trying to look festive is very difficult...

by Emma Haslett
Last Updated: 22 Dec 2014

When Benjamin Franklin said his famous line about death and taxes, he should have added secret Santa: as night begets day, so you will be forced to look for a way to tread the line between humour and meaningfulness for under a fiver, all so Barry from accounting doesn’t feel put out. Think your gifts have been bad, though? Check out these disasters…

1. These sock savers

We can’t work out whether this person was the giver or the receiver of sock savers – but the real mystery remains how hanging socks in pairs prevents them from being eaten by the wash monster...

2. A half-empty gift card

Not only did the giver have the lack of imagination to give a gift card in the first place, but they then lied about how much was on it. Terrible Santa etiquette.

3. Taking 'last minute' to new heights

Two things sadden us: firstly, that it’s the giver herself who posted this. Secondly, that the education system has failed to teach her that it’s ‘You’ve been served’.


4. This weird picture

We’d suggest this was a comment on the recipient’s speed at work, but considering the giver doesn’t know who she is, it must just be that he likes sloths in spacesuits. One small step for man, one giant leap for slothkind…


5. This literal interpretation

A radical way to get rid of all those coppers you accumulate during the year…

6. These questionable stickers

This is almost certainly supposed to be ‘Zwarte Pieten’, Santa’s Dutch nemesis. Doesn’t really make it any better, though, does it.


7. This Hunky Santa

We’re going with ‘best’…

8. This eternal frustration

The difference between this and when you got toys without batteries, is that in the office throwing a tantrum is frowned upon...


9. This Mr Potato Head

To be fair, this is an impressive likeness of the former PM.

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